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Sprint Family Share Pack offers shared data allotments from 600MB to 60GB


New Sprint CEO Maurice Claure recently teased that his carrier had some “very disruptive” plans up its sleeve, and apparently Sprint didn’t feel like waiting long to share exactly what its new offering is.

The Sprint Family Share Pack is launching Aug. 22 and offers shareable data that ranges from 600MB up to 60GB. Sprint is touting a special offer that includes 20GB of data for $100. Customers that switch to Sprint and sign up for this 20GB allotment between Aug. 22 and Sept. 30 can pay $100 per month for 20GB of data and have their monthly line access fees waived through 2015.

Pricing for the other data allotments ranges from $20 per month for a 600MB thimble of data all the way up to $225 for a 60GB barrel full of data.


Once you’ve selected how much data you want, you can begin adding lines. Each line will be assessed a monthly access fee. That charge will be set at $25 per month for 600MB to 16GB allotments or $15 for 20GB-60GB plans. Those prices are valid for non-discounted (ie. full retail or Easy Pay) phones. Meanwhile, discounted (ie. on-contract) phones will pay a monthly access fee of $40.

Tablets and mobile broadband devices can also be added to a Sprint Family Share Pack. Tablets will be charged a $10 per month access fee, while mobile broadband devices will cost $20 per month.

Sprint’s also got a couple of limited time offers to go along with its Family Share Pack. The first includes 2GB of extra data per line for customers that sign up for the aforementioned 20GB/$100 per month offer. That extra 2GB will be available for up to 10 lines.

Sprint says that it will “buy out” the contracts of customers that switch as well. The big yellow carrier will give you up to $350 on a Visa Prepaid Card for switching to Sprint from another operator.

One other caveat that’s worth noting about the Sprint Family Share Pack is that the data that it offers is high-speed, but that that data “may be limited, varied or reduced.” Sprint says that it may alter user speeds so that it may “improve the data experience for the majority of users.”

The full announcement of Sprint’s Family Share Pack can be found below.

Source: Sprint

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  • DroidSamurai

    It’s hardly a bargain — For $95, you will be getting 8Gb of data by buying your own phone at full retail price. It may be better than Verizon or AT&T, but one will get unlimited data from T-mobile for only $80. I don’t know about you, but in my neighborhood, Sprint’s coverage is even worse than T-mobile. 4G is nowhere to be found — in Sprint’s defense, given how slow its 3G network is, 8Gb will definitely feel like unlimited data to me, as I probably won’t be able to use up all 8Gb in one month with such slow connection.

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me SPRINT SUCKS MONKEY BALLS PERIOD.

      nothing beats Tmobile period they are the carrier game today.

      • snowbdr89

        Dick the moron wasn’t it about two years ago you couldn’t shut up about how great sprint was? Once again you show why your an embarrassment to society!!

  • snowbdr89

    T-Mobile family plan is better your not limited to shared data you can still ad unlimited to one or more lines for an extra 30 a line!!

  • Gabriel

    They’re trying, but this is too confusing. Too many options, and still expensive. For the normal customer, it’s gonna be annoying choosing the right price. A lot of customers don’t know the difference between GB and MB

  • John Dimick

    I’m still on an old family plan with sprint with unlimited everything including data with 4 lines at only $120/month… new plans not really worth it since all 4 people on my plan easily use 20gb/m each and that’s a light month for us.

  • RK

    Now What Mr Legere would do ?….. But this offer is up to 2015 and after which price will jump from $100 to $250 for 10 lines………………

    • Sean Matrai

      plus the cost of the phones. That is what is so dissapointing

  • ranman

    Unfortunately Sprint is notorious for getting people to switch, then dropping all the perks they got you to switch to them for. T-Mobile on the other hand, just keeps getting better.