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Sprint’s newest plan offers unlimited talk, text and data to individuals for $60 per month


On Monday, Sprint took the wraps off of its Family Share Pack plan, which offers different allotments of shared data to be split among several lines. Fast-forward a few days and now Sprint’s got something new for all of the single-liners out there.

The Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan is, well, exactly what it sounds like. The offering includes unlimited talk, text and data at a price of $60 per month. The $60 Unlimited Plan is available to both new and existing Sprint customers.

In order to sign up for the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan, you’ll need to have an off-contract device. That means that you’ll have to buy your hardware using Sprint Easy Pay, pay full retail price for a unit or bring your own device to Sprint. The other fine print that’s worth noting is that, as with the Family Share Pack, Sprint says that it may limit, vary or reduce a customer’s speeds in order to improve the data experience for other users.

This new Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan is launching tomorrow, August 22. Overall it looks like a nice offering for individuals on Sprint, especially since the only other major carrier that offers unlimited data is T-Mobile. As always, though, you should try to make sure that Sprint’s network where you live is up to snuff before you go committing to anything.

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  • Stanglifemike

    I’m glad to see Sprint is finally getting competitive with its pricing!! For reference, this used to cost individuals around $110 per month. Many people bash Sprint, but they are by far the fastest carrier in my area(20 minutes outside of Atlanta) AND have the best coverage. 30mbps up and 12mbps down is great and not too much slower than my home internet. If I hadn’t recently gotten into to a $45 per month Framily Plan with unlimited everything, then I’d be all over this.

    • Michae Gillin

      That’s what everybody forgets. It’s Nationwide coverage but for most it is how each prrivider performs locally that matters. T-mobile is great in Charlotte NC

    • Ari

      The sprint store in Atlanta near me can’t even connect to their own neteork; everything was on wifi. I live cheaper prices but Ive yet to hear anything good about sprints network… Well besides yo
      also as you compare old pricing plans, realize those old rates included subsidized phones. The new $60 plan requires you to pay full retail (or easy pay)

      • stanglifemike

        That’s odd, which store are you talking about exactly? My younger sister lives in Atlanta, right off of 10th Street near Buckhead (many nights we’ve walked to the clubs from her place, she lives that close), and constantly has full bars of LTE. Everywhere she goes in Atlanta she has LTE, even inside of her apartment.

  • RK

    new CEO is giving tough fight to T-Mo and other major carriers. I like this cat fight….

    • Ari

      Said it all along. Its good for Tmobile to ‘disrupt ” the industry. Proves DOJ point of 4 carriers for competition. Subsidies are disappearing . But everything Legere has done can and will be copied of it works. Verizon & ATT have already done it to some extent. Now Sprint is too. Nothing Tmobile is doing is proprietary ; it can all be copied. Price is one thing but if you can’t make a call or get online when you need to, a $20 savings doesnt matter.

      The Sprint offer also has a lot of asterisks that imply throttling for network effectiveness… If your network is bad, you’re going to get even more bad press but this is a hail Mary & also now will end contracts at Sprint

      Curious if the unlocked Google Play Nexus 5 works on Sprint. I’m hoping we get to the day where you buy your phone and you can use it on any network whenever you want

  • Dirty_Azkals

    So what’s the real price after taxes and other fees?!?!?!?

    • Guest

      I have Straight Talk and only pay a buck fifty in taxes and fees. I dont understand why the other carriers have so much more. When I was on Tmobile, all those extras amounted to 20% surcharge. Now, For $45, I get unlimited talk/text and 3gb of ATT LTE. That’s more than enough for me. Tmobile charges $50 for 1gb. Coverage varies. At home for some reason it’s weaker but I have wifi. Depending where I’m at, I can get 30mg. Ive been on it for 18 months now and in combo with a Nexus 5, I’m saving tons of money. All my friends have bills over $100… The N5 was only $150 more than an average subsidised phone & within a few months, I broke even

    • thel0nerang3r

      I’m currently on a $80 plan, taxes and fees come out to $8.26, so I don’t think it will be any higher then that.

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  • stanglifemike

    I can only assume you don’t know since you said that T-Mobile financing phones is a benefit, but Sprint also finances phones at 0% interest and has for a year now. I bought the Note 3 the morning it was released on Sprint, and walked out of the door with the phone still sealed in the box. Sprint was running $0 down at the time,so I only had to pay the taxes on the phone. My monthly bill is only $29 extra until the remaining balance of the phone is paid for, or until I trade it in (which I’ll be doing the morning the Note 4 is available at my local Sprint store).