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T-Mobile launches Device Unlock app that offers an easy unlocking experience


I’m sure that there are quite a few cellphone users that will attest that unlocking a handset can be a pain. Typically you have to give your carrier a call, request an unlock code, dive deep into your device’s settings and enter that code. T-Mobile is aiming to simplify that whole process with a new Android app.

T-Mobile has released a new Android app called Device Unlock into the Google Play Store. The app allows users to request and apply an unlock code directly from their device. As of this writing, though, the app is only compatible with the recently-released Samsung Galaxy Avant.

T-Mo hasn’t made any official announcements about how the app works, but our pals at TmoNews have heard that the app offers both temporary and permanent unlocks. It’s said that temporary unlocks will last for 30 days, good for an overseas trip, while permanent unlocks will likely only be given once you’ve paid for a device in full.

While it’s kind of a bummer that Device Unlock is currently only compatible with a single, lower-end Android phone, this app still sounds pretty neat. As I said before, unlocking your phone can be a tedious process, but being able to request and apply an unlock code right from an app on your phone would make the process much simpler. Here’s to hoping that T-Mo expands Device Unlock’s compatibility soon.


Via: Android Central

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  • E-man

    Lame that the phone has to be paid off in order to unlock. I was thinking of having my Note 3 unlocked and selling it in anticipation of the Note 4′s release this September. :/

  • G of

    I’d like to see legislation to force carriers do even more to unlock these phones. I think when you have paid for your phone and have no contract you should be able to bring it into the retail store and they should be required to unlock it.