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T-Mobile Simple Starter customers will soon be able to quadruple their data for $5

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Back in April, T-Mobile took the wraps off of a new Simple Starter rate plan that offered unlimited talk and text along with 500MB of LTE data for $40 per month. And while the plan is certainly affordable, it doesn’t include very much data. That’s going to change next month, though.

T-Mobile says that, starting Sept. 3, customers can quadruple the Simple Starter data allotment for $5. Since the base plan includes 500MB of LTE data, that means that subscribers can get unlimited talk and text with 2GB of LTE data for $45 per month.

While 2GB of data still may not be enough for some heavier data users, it’s a much more manageable amount for a lot of folks. And for just $5 more per month, we can’t think of many reasons why Simple Starter subscribers wouldn’t want to sign up for this add-on when it goes live.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Alex

    2GB is a fucking joke mobile market such a ripoff

    • Rk

      At least with this cat-fight, the carriers are offering now a decent offerings as compared to earlier……………………………….

  • Kyle

    Dude ur comments a joke, 45 bucks for 2gb of Lte on a pretty darn competitive and definitely still improving network is not such a bad deal. Or u can deal with boost or virgin mobile and save a couple pennies bud

    • Alex

      I don’t care about competitiveness its 2014 these stupid data caps are a joke and should go away

      • HoFoMoTo

        You don’t get it do you? Mobile capacity (spectrum-wise) is nowhere near infinite. Data caps in some form are necessary no matter how you look at it. True unlimited is great but it is completely unsustainable.

  • yorkshire_geek

    Nearly as good as StraightTalk who use T-mobile network but with a higher data 4G cap, or same price on AT&T for more coverage than T-mobile

    • 0kssr

      But Straight Talk doesn’t allow you to stream on your allotment of data. You can upload and download but no media streaming! check the fine print.

  • Cwalden21

    Wonder what they will do for the subscribers of the 50$ a month for 1gb of data?? Much better deal to go with the 45$ and get twice the data…