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Toyota shows off system to dock Nexus 7 into dashboard

Toyota Nexus 7 TIS

Google introduced the Open Automotive Alliance with the goal of standardizing the infotainment experience in vehicles for use with Android. Google and its partners are working on a way to integrate your Android device into the infotainment system, making it more powerful and safer to use. However, Toyota is off doing their own thing.

Toyota has introduced the Toyota Intelligent System, or TIS. Though it has nothing to do with the Open Automotive Alliance, it utilizes Android in a very interesting way. More specifically, the system allows you to dock a Nexus 7 straight into the dashboard to provide extended functionality to your car.

Dropping the tablet into the dash in front of the standard infotainment display enables a new interface on the Nexus 7. From there, you can do a staggering amount of things. The tablet can play music, navigate, use voice commands, call for help and even access and display the vehicle’s backup camera. Without a tablet, the system can still provide basic functions like music playback.

Toyota partnered with Unimax to create this system, and since Unimax is owned by ASUS, the Nexus 7 was a natural choice. I’m not sure how I feel about this as a long-term solution, as tablets age far quicker than cars and dimensions for a tablet have to be pretty exact to fit into the car without ugly adapters. Google’s solution seems to be better for the long run.

However, people in Taiwan will be seeing TIS as an option on 2015 model Toyotas. It’s unknown if this tech will leave Taiwan, so don’t get too excited about having this in your new car. Tell us, what do you think of this system? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Authority

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  • dbareis

    No Power? Battery will run out

  • Rising36

    What a bad cmmercial. I could swear that the girl has an iphone in her hand lol whil the video is promoting an android device specifically fitted for toyota.

  • tmihai20

    I work in the Automotive industry and I am surprised by it. Toyota managed to integrate the Nexus 7 nicely. It takes less work than to design a whole system from top to bottom. It may be one of the best if it really works as advertised.

  • Alba

    Well, I don’t have Toyota but still I found one wireless car charger dock on Amazon with suction mount and air vent mount through which I can keep my qi enabled Smartphones fully charged while driving on the city road, expressways or highways.

  • Allen Kropp

    Make’s sense to me. Probably a good combination to use with HUD, maybe even can be used with blind spot and other cameras