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White Samsung Galaxy Alpha shows its metal trim to the camera


Last month saw several photos of the black Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak out. Now it’s the white version’s time in the leaky spotlight.

Several photos that show the white Samsung Galaxy Alpha have been posted to Chinese social network Weibo. As you might expect, the device looks fairly similar to the black handset that leaked out last month. There’s a metal outer edge on the device, a dimpled backside and a physical home button.


The Galaxy Alpha’s spec list is expected to include a 4.8-inch 720p display, 13-megapixel camera and 32GB of storage. All in all it looks like a fairly mid-range device, but if you’re a fan of Samsung’s software and have been waiting for the day that the company would release a handset with a touch of metal, it looks like your time is finally almost here.

Via: SamMobile

Source: Weibo

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  • surethom

    Finally a midrange phone that has 32gb storage & not stupidly low 8gb or low 16gb storage.

    The specs sound more like a topend midrange phone than just a midrange phone though.

  • SGB101

    I first thought Samsung had a new design. Then I remembered the sgs2!

    • kaceylu

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  • Stanglifemike

    I actually don’t want a full metal phone, but I really REALLY like the! Since this is a midrange phone with nicer trim than their most-expensive phones, I would think Samsung HAS to start wrapping a metal trim ring around their flagships from now on! The cheap plastic trim ring that is supposed to look like metal on my Note 2 and Note 3 chips way too easy, making the entire phone look rough and much older than it actually is. All Samsung flagships have the same design/build, but the Note series is what I’ve owned and can comment on. Obviously metal will dent if hit hard enough, but their current design(with fake chrome) will chip away with the slightest of bumps.
    Keep the plastic battery door so I can easily swap batteries, and even replace it for cheap if I want to change up its looks. From the supposed Note 4′s leaked specs, a metal trim ring is the only thing that will really make it standout and above the Note 3. A metal trim ring will simply make the best(IMO) phone even better, if not perfect, as the current cheap trim ring is my only complaint. Come on Samsung, don’t let me down!!!

  • ghyty

    still with ugly home button. get rid of this thing!

    • Stanglifemike

      I actually love the physical Home button. I bought nothing but HTC for 6+ years (even back on WinMo phones, before they were revived), and the Note 2 was my first non-HTC Android phone. I wanted the increased display size, but I was unsure about having a physical Home button at first. I rarely touch the power button on my Note 2 or 3 anymore, and use the Home button more than any other button on it. Now I couldn’t imagine going without it.

  • Miguel

    does this phone look just like sgs 2 or its just my imagination?

  • jamal adam

    I will say that the sides look very sexy and only wish that the front and back could look more polished and better designed, at least that’s my opinion.