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YouTube Music Key is what we’ve long waited for

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A new leak has revealed Google’s plan to offer a YouTube music streaming service. Android Police has details on YouTube’s long-rumored subscription music service. The service will reportedly be called YouTube Music Key and will coincide with a rebranding of Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key. Both services will be sold together in a package deal that costs $9.99 per month, or the same price that is currently charged for Google Play Music All Access.

YouTube Music Key will reportedly include ad-free music, offline playback and audio-only playback, meaning that you don’t have to face the long-standing problem of keeping your screen on while a song plays from YouTube. Google has been hard at work, with a rumored 20-plus million high-quality tracks already categorized and organized into artist discographies. These include not only studio recordings but also remixes, concert performances and other live performances. Those benefits are what truly differentiate YouTube Music Key from the pack, offering recordings that aren’t readily available anywhere else. Launch details are still unknown, but let’s all cross our fingers and hope that it comes sooner rather than later.

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Source: Android Police

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