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Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Go Bluetooth Speaker


The wireless speaker market is divided between traditional tech companies branching into audio and traditional audio companies branching into tech. For most audiophiles the latter group will seem the safer bet as they can feel comfortable that these familiar brands are unlikely to stray from their successful formula with the addition of wireless connectivity.

In pursuit of this superior audio quality I decided to review the Cambridge Audio Minx Go and the Minx Air 200. Today we are looking at the Minx Go, their portable offering, and our review of the much larger Minx Air 200 will follow on Monday.


Price: $199.99 (Available for ~$169.99 on Amazon)
Battery Life: 18 Hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux
Dimensions: 9.3” x 4.8” x 2.4”
Weight: 2.4 lbs.

Cambridge Audio is known for, and prides themselves on, their minimal styling and the Minx Go is a perfect example of this ethos. The front of the device is blank save for “Cambridge Audio” at the bottom of the metal speaker grille and the top of the device features just three dimpled buttons for power/pairing, volume up and volume down. Turning to the back of the speaker you again see “Cambridge Audio” etched into the plastic, at the bottom a stabilizing foot that can swing out to prevent toppling tragedies and on the right hand side are the 3.5mm aux jack, the charging port and a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.

A lot of portable speakers go with a more rugged appearance than that of the Minx Go, which shares the elegant styling of its larger shelf bound siblings the Minx Air 100 and 200. The Minx Go is also larger than the average Bluetooth speaker, roughly the same size as the Big Jawbone Jambox. Which style you prefer will of course fall to personal preference and the normal locales for your portable speaker needs.

The Minx Go is available in black or white. I tested it in white and based on reviews I’ve read elsewhere I think that is the better option if you are sensitive to fingerprints.

Build quality


The body of the Minx Go is plastic with a metallic speaker grille on the front. As one of the few people not completely enamored with all metal construction on my mobile devices this is perfectly fine with me and not a mark against the device.

The speaker made it through numerous trips in my messenger bag and a few flights in my luggage without taking any damage. I didn’t perform any deliberate torture tests on it, but based on its feel and weight I don’t imagine that any minor drops or mishandling would be a problem. It also features the handy stabilizer on the bottom, which renders such incidents far less likely to occur in the first place.

Sound quality

As I stated in the opening, this was the primary goal in seeking out the Minx Go and I have to say it did not disappoint. The sound quality surpasses any other Bluetooth speaker I have used previously and in particular the bass response trumps the smaller speakers in this category which is attributable to the bass radiator seen on the back of the speaker.

It features two ¾-inch titanium tweeters and twin 2-inch woofers. Again this falls largely to the size of this device versus much of the competition, as they simply wouldn’t be able to fit these components in their devices, but if audio quality is one of your top priorities the Minx Go has few real challengers.


Battery life

This is another area where the Minx Go really shines as it at least came close to the stated 18 hours of battery life in my testing. That is double what I have seen from most Bluetooth speakers in the past. It can also fully recharge in just 2 hours, so if you do manage to wear it down it doesn’t take long to get it back in action.

Now the physical size of the Minx Go is certainly in no small way responsible for the impressive battery life, but if that isn’t an issue for your particular usage then the trade off is well worth it as it should make it through a full weekend of usage without needing a charge.

I should note that the USB charger on the Minx Go can’t be used to charge your phone/tablet unless the speaker is plugged in. Not a deal breaker by any means, but it would have been a nice bonus if it could serve as your external battery pack.

Cambridge Audio Minx Go10 / 10

If you are looking for the smallest and cheapest Bluetooth speaker then the Minx Go is not the right option for you. But if you are looking to really elevate the quality of your portable audio rather than just crank up the volume on your smartphone or tablet this speaker belongs on your short list.

Like the styling of the device the Minx Go is a minimal and elegant solution that doesn’t go in for the extras, but instead just delivers the best audio quality possible and keeps doing it for days without needing a charge. It’s a simple formula, but one that has produced a winner for Cambridge Audio in my opinion.

Source: Cabridge Audio Minx Go on Amazon

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  • jcunwired

    Thanks, I’ll be getting one. The best sounding BT speaker I’ve heard so far is the Logitech UE Boom but the battery life is horrible. I’ve had three so far, returned every one. The worst lasted a whopping 102 minutes from full charge, despite the claim of 15 hours of battery life.

    • Sean Riley

      The UE Boom is solid as well, but it definitely can’t hold a candle to the Minx Go on battery life and at least personally I think the audio quality on the Go is superior. The one trade off is the size, but again that just isn’t an issue for me.

    • TT

      Mine as averaging 6 hours on max volume …

  • Joey

    Any thoughts on the Cambridge Audio G2, came across it here but can’t decide if I should go for it or the Minx Go. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.