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Day by Day Organizer for Android review

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If you’ve been looking for an easy, convenient way to manage both your Google Calendar and Google Tasks in one attractive application, look no further than Day by Day Organizer from developer Appiens.

For as many calendar apps as there are on Google Play, few offer the amount of features Day by Day does. As mentioned in the introduction, Day by Day takes all the functionality of Google Calendar and Google Tasks, and throws a little on the top.

We primarily tested using a Nexus 7 which offers a beautiful layout that accommodates portrait and landscape orientations. There are essentially two cards, similar to what you might recognize from Google Now, in most viewing mode. In month view, for example, one card features a month view, and one features an agenda view. There are also day, week and text month viewing modes. All of the views are useful, but month view is our personal favorite. Week view comes in at a very close second.

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In month view, the calendar view is simple enough. It’s a big, bold easy to read calendar that makes it easy to glance around the month and see if you have anything scheduled for that day. If there is any sort of task, event, birthday or holiday on that day, it will be denoted by a small black dot. You can of course highlight the day to see what’s on your agenda.

The agenda view, which appears as a separate card on a tablet, or under the calendar on a phone, is where all the action takes place. The agenda card is where you can add new tasks or events (you can also do this via the action bar) and view your agenda in a chronological list. Both tasks and events have a handful of customization options.

With tasks, you can add a title, pick a due date, choose the priority level, edit which account the task is under, enable reminders and choose to repeat the task. There is also a sub tasks option for getting even more in-depth. For example, you could make a task titled “To buy,” with sub tasks listing every individual thing you need to buy. You can use a small check box next to the task in the agenda view to mark as complete, expand task listings to mark as complete, or open an options panel to edit and mark as complete as well. If your event has subtasks, there will be check boxes for those tasks as well.

With events, you pick a title and then you can choose a beginning and end time for the event, add a description, decide if you want subtasks, choose a location for the event, enable reminders and choose if you want to repeat the even or not.

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Another convenient feature of Day by Day is the tasks with no date option. You can create task lists that will always appear at the top of your agenda for quick access. There is also a customizable widget for acting on your agenda without ever having to jump into the app.

Along with the app and widget, there is also a Chrome extension that makes using Day by Day even better. Available in the Chrome extension store, the Day by Day extension lets you add tasks and events to the app without ever leaving your desktop. It’s just as quick and convenient and you would expect.

As for options, you can add or disable profiles, toggle birthdays and US holidays (thanks to Google, other countries will of course simply say ‘holidays’), and choose which accounts are active in the app. You can also customize the font size and choose a dark theme, choose the default and active calendars, choose the first day of the week, customize reminders and more.

If you’re looking for a feature complete replacement for Google Calendar that includes total support for Google Tasks as well, look no further than Day by Day. Coming in 27 languages, it’s $3.50 to unlock the complete version of the app with all the features listed above. However, you can download a trial version or the app to see how you like it before making the jump. Download Day by Day Organizer using the download widgets below.



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