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Journey journaling app review

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If you’ve been looking for the best journaling app on Android, your search is over. Journey is it. No other journaling app we have used is as easy to jump into, keeps as many features so well organized and streamlined, and looks as amazing as Journey.

To say Journey is one of the best looking journaling apps on Android would be a disservice. It’s one of the best looking apps period. Every page is meticulously crafted to look fantastic. The icons, the font and the colors are all gorgeous. There are no intrusive ads. Yes, no ads. We really can’t say enough about Journey’s design. We have a habit of favoring good looking apps over ones with a better feature set. Journey really is the best of both worlds in this regard.

Getting started with Journey is as simple as signing into the app using one of the active Google accounts already in use on your device. The reason why you need to use one of your Google accounts is simple: Journey uses Google Drive to sync your entries between devices and the web via Journey’s website. There’s no complicated setup involved, just sign in and go.

From there, jumping into your first entry with Journey is easy. There’s a new entry button signified by a plus sign in the action bar that opens a blank document. Entries can be as simple or detailed as you want them to be. Each entry will automatically capture your current location, the weather and your motion activity. You can manually edit those details, and attach a photograph to your entry as well a tag for keeping your journal organized. You can also enable a night mode that’s easier on your eyes, available in Journey Premium.

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There are several different viewing modes for finding entries on the fly. There’s the default mode which features full screen snapshots of your entries –complete with weather, tags, photos, text, print and share options– that is sorted chronologically, a calendar mode which allows you to pick entires by selecting them on a beautiful calendar, a photo mode that presents your entries as thumbnails and an atlas mode represented by Google Maps. If Journey is pulling double duty for you, and acting as a notebook as well as a journal, browsing by tag and searching are enormous helps.

One of the more important features is the Markdown support, available in Journey Premium. Via the introduction to the app, you can use Journey to “view your journal beautifully in Markdown, then publish to blog in HTML or print to PDF.” Markdown is essentially a streamlined way to format text to be used in HTML online or in PDFs without using a bunch of complicated tags and code. Instead of using tags and code to make a list for example, you simple put a “-” mark before every word. It’s incredibly easy to use, and with Journal’s quick Markdown shortcuts, anyone can dive in. Entries formatted with Markdown look great, especially when exported as a PDF. For more information on Markdown, visit DaringFireball. This Lifehacker article is also very helpful in explaining the basics.

Options available in the settings menu are limited, but they feature everything you need. You can choose from a wide variety of font sizes, choose to render Markdown on preview, choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, turn on reminders, set a passcode, choose to sync over your data network, import a journal to Journey, migrate your journal to a different Google account and export your journal.

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Our personal favorite caring touch added to Journey is the inspirations section. Inspirations are a list of entry ideas. Everything from famous quotes to questions are presented in a list to help inspire you to write. In a way it’s completely unnecessary, but it’s a small sign of just how much effort and care the team behind Journey put into the app.

To reiterate from the introduction, if you’ve been looking for the best journaling app on Android, your search is over. We highly recommend downloading Journey, and buying Journey Premium, today.


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