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Facebook hits 1 billion installs, first non-Google app to do so


There have been a few Google services that have been downloaded over a billion times, but with the apps being pre-installed on all Google approved Android devices, it makes sense that they would get there first. But many Google apps still haven’t reached that point, and a third party app has overtaken them to the 1 billion downloads mark.

Everyone’s favorite app has reached the milestone! Facebook for Android is the first non-Google app to break the 1 billion downloads mark. Of course it would be Facebook, many carriers preload it onto their devices and many people can’t live without it. But to be fair, the app has come a long way from its terrible origins.

How many of you aren’t running Facebook for Android?


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  • alex

    I didn’t use this social s***

  • eboye

    One more here. I don’t have an FB account

    • oms

      Same here, no Facebook (or any other social network) for me

  • klhjkl

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  • SGB101

    You have to hand it to facebook, it’s a hell of a feat to get over one billion UN-happy customers and still keep growing.

    Thing with fb just like Google apps, it comes pre installed on almost all phone.

    This htc one came full of bloat, it’s been a while since I had a phone direct from a carrier (6 years or so), I’ll be rooting soon just to wipe the cruft off.

  • MitchRapp81

    I bet it has 1 billion UNINSTALLS too…

  • Dirty Budha

    Uninstalled and acount deactivated. I’d like to see the number of actuve users that use the app. I’m sure it’s well below a billion.

  • Brandon

    Does it count all the times I downloaded it and went “Yup, still fuckin’ shit,” and removed it? Because I’m sure we can cut off at least 20% from those numbers.

  • ella

    God morning pippel ef u want tdo something…… we are may family are..,