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Lassoh is a geo-social networking app for communicating with the world around you

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Communicating with strangers at large, or your friends in close vicinity, is relatively easy with the vast amount of social networks and networking apps available on Android today. But posting content strictly relevant to the close world around you and letting those inside that world connect with you is a pain. One that Lassoh is trying to alleviate.

The premise behind Lassoh is relatively simple: connect with the world around you. Using your smartphone to interact with the people around you isn’t nearly as seamless as it could be. Joining local Facebook groups or responding to Craigslist posts misses the element of being present in the now – something that Twitter thrives on, but can be overwhelming with the signal to noise ratio. There simply is no good way to send out a virtual flyer or start a conversation strictly with the people in any desired area. This is Lassoh’s mission.

With Lassoh, you can start topic-specific feeds with anyone using Lassoh in a designated area. Sales, restaurant and entertainment reviews are all fair game. At a baseball game? Start a conversation with only people at the game. Trying to sell a textbook? Let everyone on campus know what you’ve got. Can’t decide what to get at the restaurant you’re at? Ask the restaurant. Interaction is limited to the area and people you want. And Lassoh has made a firm commitment to taking your privacy seriously.

The Lassoh Android app (also on iOS) is already complete, but they are still seeking support on Indiegogo to fund operational costs for the next year. One of the notable perks of donating is snatching up a unique paid username, which can be transferred or sold at a later date. Check out the video below, and read over the Lassoh Indiegogo page to see if Lassoh is something that appeals to you.

Source: Lassoh Indiegogo

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