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Trinus Gyre aims to bring VR to your PC games with Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

While most consumers are waiting for more specialized content to be produced and something like Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus or Gear VR to be released to experience virtual reality, you don’t have to wait.

A new app called Trinus Gyre aims to take “hardware you already have to create a VR experience similar to more expensive systems.” Here’s what you need to get Trinus Gyre up and running: a Windows PC, a high-end Android device with the Trinus Gyre app installed, Direct3D games, some sort of VR headset like Google Cardboard and the Trinus Gyre-provided Windows server app for streaming games to your device.

In the demo video provided by Odd Sheep Games, the developers behind Trinus Gyre, you see a flight simulator being used, but you can also play games like Skyrim, Half-Life and more. No game is officially supported, so the experience is going to be lacking behind content made for devices like Oculus Rift. Still, for free software and a $20 headset, this is really cool.

In case you haven’t noticed, thanks to ultra-high resolution displays and software flexibility, Android is leading the charge in mobile VR. By this time next year, standalone VR headsets could be completely unnecessary. Headsets that are able to utilize the full power of a gaming PC will offer top of the line immersive experiences, and the convenience of being able to drop your phone in and go is mighty appealing.

If you have all the necessary hardware, give Trinus Gyre a shot and let us know what you think.


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  • BlazeHN

    Wow, i KNEW something like this would come very soon, with the lots of VR apps and games coming everyday on the Playstore for the many VR headsets available right now, most of them even came before than Google Cardboard (Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D, VRase, 3Deva, Vrelia VReyego, etc).

    Currently I have lots of apps and games to play on my Cardboard (a folder on my desktop with 2 full pages of apps) and many of them uses bluetooth gamepad for more inmersion, if you hang your cardboard from your head with a strap so you dont have to hold it with your hands and use a gamepad (I use Moga Power Pro and my Note 3) you already have some decent quality VR Gaming Experience. The only lacking part right now is real content, other than short games and demos there is no real games currently but this could really help.

    I am totally trying this Trinus Gyre today, thanks! :D

  • Smileway

    How about give Nightmares VR app a try? It’s like mini Counter-Strike VR and you can use PC keyboard and mouse to play as well. : )