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Size showdown: Apple iPhone 6 Plus versus the Android competition


Over the past two years, Android phones were the only real option if you wanted a device with a large display. Yes, Nokia has had a few larger devices recently, but it’s nearly impossible to buy those phones unless you’re willing to import them from Europe. Despite the rumors, I think we were all a bit surprised to see Apple introduce the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch display. Apple had us all convinced that a 4-inch display was the perfect size for one-handed use. Going to 4.7-inches was a big enough leap, but 5.5-inches? Preposterous!

But we’re not here to talk about Apple’s change of heart. We’re here to talk phone sizes. The iPhone and its minuscule 4-inch display has always been small when compared to Android devices. Now that the iPhone has been bigified (pretty sure that’s not a word), we can truly see how the Apple iPhone 6 Plus sizes up to its Android competitors. Fortunately, there are plenty of new Android phones with 5.5-inch displays that we can compare Apple’s new phone to.

The new HTC Desire 820 is probably the biggest Android phone with a 5.5-inch display. The device had front-facing stereo speakers above and below the display and an unsightly black bar with HTC’s logo. Despite all that, the Desire 820′s length is .4mm shorter than that of the iPhone 6 Plus. Things get even worse when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which has a 5.7-inch display, and we probably shouldn’t even mention the LG G3, which is 11.8mm shorter that the iPhone 6 Plus.


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  • Nigel

    I have the OnePlusOne which is already really too big and has too big bezels really, once you see say the LG G3. Iphone 6Plus is really going to struggle to convince most people. Despite the OPO’s $360 delivered total cost for 64GB storage, only about 5% of those I know personally “in real life” actually wanted the phone, put off by the physical size, and that is even after admitting a good visual design of the phone itself.

    For some reason, despite all the “design” skills of Apple they still made it wider and taller than the OPO, which in my book counts as bad design.

    5″ is the maximum size for 90% of people. Go larger basically is for those who want to carry one device and have the biggest screens, of which a big sector are the budget conscious as one big phone is cheaper than one smaller phone and one tablet, and yet…. iphone 6 Plus price….$849 for 64GB unlocked. So…. $500 more than OPO, and I couldn’t get most people to get the $349 64GB OPO, so imagine Apple’s challenge.

    • goldenboyrb

      dont worry dude. because it’s apple, these phone will sell. you just gotta see how ignorant those fanboys/girls are. i remember when the key people mention how 4″ screen is the size and dont see how bigger screen would actually be comfortable to be used with 1 hand, they just swallow it de3pthroat style. and… everyone of them on my social media thinks it’s the best thing ever!

      i agree with you 5″ is the perfect size, still am, and probably will always think so. own and use the OPO at the moment because of the “bang for your buck” factor, can’t be happier, except the screen size.

      once again, it will sell like crazy, just because it’s apple.

      on the other note, I believe Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve 6+

      • Andrea Cristiano

        It’s not about fanboyism for the majority, my family members who own iphones want the simplicity that is iOS and are entrenched in the ecosystem, so they’re happy with iphones, they do what is needed by them. Me I’m an android guy i like to tinker and like specs, they could care less as long as they’re phone does what they need and does it efficiently they’re happy. Thats the difference to them the iphone for the most part is a utility and does a job, be it a phone, text or mobile computer, as long as they’re happy with its functionality and ease of use they could care less about specs etc. Once android fans realize that we can for the most part stop mocking people for what they like and are happy with, just because were for the most part obsessed and getting new phones every six months.

    • just in

      my gf likes 10 inch

      • snowbdr89

        That’s why she’s always coming to see me.

      • ninja

        Yea i know she does my 12 inch and moans its too big pmsl

  • Habibul Ehsan

    Why not oneplus one in the list !

  • mdawg924

    5.5 inches and they can’t even fit 5 icons side by side?! Uh okay…

  • John Tillery JR

    so no one has herd of the Samsung Edge ?

  • Alba

    LG G3 is much better than iPhone 6 plus that doesn’t even pass the bending test. Well, I like my LG G3 that has 5.5 inch QHD screen, higher resolution, 32GB internal storage that is expandable up to 128GB, 3GB RAM and 3000mAh battery that once fully charged on wireless charging pad for LG G3, runs all day long with normal use.

  • Brandon

    Those are nowhere near the biggest android phones. The galaxy note mega has a 6.3 inch screen!. I don’t know why everyone flipped out about the size of the iPhone 6 plus.