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Size showdown: Apple iPhone 6 versus the Android competition


The new Apple iPhone 6 has quite a few of the same features found in most flagship Android phones, but how does the phone and its larger 4.7-inch display fare when it’s sized up against the Android competition. While Android phones come in many shapes and sizes, there are no new flagship phones that have a 4.7-inch display.

The image and chart below show how large the Apple iPhone 6 is when compared to the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, the new Motorola Moto X and the HTC One (M8). The iPhone 6 is the second smallest of the bunch, but that’s not because Apple has found a way to reduce the bezels around the 4.7-inch display. In fact, our measurements show that the HTC One (M8) would be roughly the same size as the Apple iPhone 6 if it had a 4.7-inch display – despite the fact that it has front-facing stereo speakers and that despised black bar below the screen.


Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Nigel

    Nexus 5 is perfect size, and iphone 6 agrees.

    As owner of OnePlusOne, you don’t want any bigger than the Nexus 5 or son-of-Nexus5 the iphone 6. Odd though Nexus has more memory and other adds the iPhone 6 doesn’t inside.

    Pity the iPhone 6 is over double the cost of the OPO. Still, I find it keeps Silicon Valley easier to navigate when the one-born-every-minute is in a neat queue at the Apple store.

    • mkrmec

      Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs OnePlus One

      849 $ vs 350$

      you get 2,4x phones for the same money.. no thanks

    • sere83

      I own both the nexus 5 and the oneplus and I definitely agree the nexus 5 is the best size, the one plus is a great phone just a bit too big imo. My next phoen will definitely be smaller than teh oneplus.

      My main issue with the oneplus in comparison to the iphone, in fact all android phones really. It always comes down to the camera. The new Moto X is a prime example and a sad o so common story on android, a company introduces a product and then they stick a half arsed camera in it.

      Like the oneplus camera could have been so much more, they have used a powerful sensor but autofocus and capture speeds are still lacking, low light performance is still lacking and panormos jesus they are appalling. Even the app itself could have been better.

      Im no apple fan but one thing they always do well at is cameras and combined with a solid build and solid interface the iphone will again be a huge seller. 48MP well stitched panormas, lightening face autofocus and shutter speed and a simpel to navigate interface and good picture quality is what they will deliver and sadly 95% of android phone STILL cannot deliver this.

      This is where HTC are just starting to piss me right off. They have the build quality, if the stop with these massive bezels they have the potential to design a phone as nice looking as the iphone yet time after time they don’t listen and continue sticking lack lustre cameras in their phones.

      Ironically it is china that is starting to show promise. Comapnies liek meizu and Xiaomi have the fastest shutter speeds of any android cameras, if they can work more on refining image quality and improving their applications features and sensor implementation then we may finally have some proper cameras on android phones.

      Ironically the appalling galaxy S5 had one of the best android cameras out there, shame they can’t get the rest right,

      • masterpfa

        I too own both the Nexus 5 and OPO and I can categorically state that the OPO is the perfect size!

        OK playing Devils advocate here.
        Although I do prefer the OPO and prefer the size, none of us can make these statements without quantifying them.

        All declarations should be along the lines of:-

        ‘I own both the nexus 5 and the oneplus and I definitely agree the nexus 5 is the best size FOR ME and my preferences’

        Because I and I’m sure many other can declare otherwise.

        Luckily, as Android users, we have always had a choice.

    • Nigel Elton

      You’re right, but an iPhone is an iPhone. I’m just hoping that the Nexus 5 isn’t ditched by Google in terms of support and overall lifespan. just because a newer nexus is down the line later this fall, that shouldn’t hinder the prowess of the nexus 5 and it’s capabilities.

  • jerrbomb

    What’s an iPhone? Lol..