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Spec showdown: Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus versus the Android competition

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus as its flagship devices for the next year. Both devices are completely new designs in the iPhone family and are packed to the gills with new features such as larger screens, new A8 processors, a full aluminum unibody and a vastly improved camera that includes 240fps slo-mo video.

Since we’re an Android-based site, we don’t like to cover too much Apple news. That being said, it’s always a good thing to know how the biggest Android phones stack up against their competitors, so we threw together a comparison chart that pits the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus against the biggest Android opponents. Take a look at it and remember to click for full size.

In your opinion, how does the iPhone 6 fare against its Android rivals?

iPhone 6 Spec Comparison Sheet

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  • geewhipped

    Not sure about other android phones, but the S5 has phase-detection AF, too, not just the fruitfone 6

    • Harry

      This is another Apple lover article. There are TONS of stuff missing because he more they include the less “innovative” they iPhone looks. With this list it looks like the iPhone fair very well with the older phones. Remember some of these phones are due to be refreshed soon. You think that having the NOTE 4 far away from the iPhone 6 plus was just a random act? I kam surethat the author has and uses mostly an iPhone. If not hey would gotten the fact right. But getting them wrong generates more traffic and that is the goal. Truth is NOT important. They do the minimal that they can defend as they were “trying” to do it right. BS!

    • emily

      My family is in love with the new iPhone 6 and i heard almost everyone on campus has preordered the new iPhone 6. Its a homerun they said.


    • geewhipped
  • wekebu

    I think the Moto X does not have a 3.5GHZ.

    • Nick Sarafolean

      You’re right! Fixed!

  • Clone Clooney

    Also the Note 3 is running on 4.4 not 4.3

  • guest

    No one really cares about these specs except for tech geeks.

    The one thing I don’t understand is according to the chart above, many of these Androids have more pixels so does that mean their screens are clearer or is there something else involved? Because everyone talks about the iPhone screen as its the best, clearest thing out there

    • Anh Duong

      They are just *blind* :)). Btw, everyone(many using iPhones) who see my Note 3 screens think it’s great.

    • mattcoz

      Yes, Android devices passed the iPhone when it comes to screen clarity long ago. “Everyone” is just misled by the marketing hype, it’s the “tech geeks” that know better.

    • Crumb

      Oh another iFolk individual claiming I do not understand so i don’t need it. Let try to put it in words you can understand (sorry i can not use picture or hand puppets).

      Much higher resolution (at least 50% more) would be noticeable to EVERYONE. If they do not see it they need to see an eye doctor as they are symptoms for a physical or mental problem. Better picture are good.

      AMOLED screens give better colors and look nicer to most people. Better colors are good.

      Bigger battery (mAh) makes talking on the phone, watching movies longer. More hours of usage is good.

      OIS or Optical Image Statbilization makes it so that the images look sharper when is held in the hand or moving platform or vehicle. Sharp pictures are good. More pixels (or dots) in the camera makes the images sharper, more detail. More detail is good.

      MicroSD slot allows you to add (or exchange memory) also is great for backup. Since you can changed these and buy bigger ones later that means that you do not need to make a decision on what to get or spend now. you can wait for later with NO penalty. In addition instead of having to move your photos, videos, documents or delete them you can just get another MicroSD card.And having backups, getting more memory for cheap, been able to swap file instantly is good.

      If the phone is water resistant then if the phone get wet it wont get damage. And working phone is good.

      Same goes with dust. Working phone is good,

      If the phone has an IR Blaster it can control just about any TV, DVD, Blu-ray, stereo, VCR, and even some lights, and other IR capable devices (yes including the Apple TV without been in the same WiFi or knowing you Apple ID). And been able to use your phone as a remote is good,

      4K video capture is 4x better than the iPhone 6 which means the images can be cropped, enhanced, or just displayed with sharper results. And having better videos is good.

      Having an s-pen means that you can input by either typing (even on super tiny keyboards), swype (sorry not enough time to explain to Apple Folks it is like magic to them), or even use hand writing omstead of using the pop up keyboard (yes, any OS other than IOS can use many keyboards and change on the fly the want they want). Also for those artist out there it is pressure sensitive (using Wacom technology) and that means you can draw with different line thickness. You can get a document that requires your signature, read it, sign it and return it right away from anywhere. Ben able to have choices of input and been able to sign for documents is good.

      Hope this helps. If not then I will have to find a video that shows why all of those specs are good. And YES, everyone cares about these specs even if you do not understand them. That is why Apple has kept trying to catch up on those specs because they know EVERYONE cares.

      • John

        Completely ridiculous post, do you not think that realistic colour reproduction is better than lurid and garish colours?? No??

        And how many phones have you had die from dust inhalation?

        Your logic is misguided, you’ve been brainwashed by Samsung. How are you enjoying your Lag on your Samsung by the way? iPhone, Windows Phone and even other Android phones don’t have this issue, but hey, like you say “moer spekz is betterer lol”

  • Jay

    My opinion?

    I don’t care about specs. I don’t need the most powerful phone with the best camera in the world. I don’t like big phones (over 5″ is too much) and although I take pictures often, as long as it’s not slow and the photos don’t look like total crap I’m OK with it. For me it’s about usability. I like iOS and Android both for different reasons, and I’m not taking up this comment space to list those reasons. What I will say is that the iPhone 6 is huge and I don’t like it.

    I have a Moto X right now, and I’ve had a lot of phones over the years (Palm Pilot, Palm Centro, Helio Ocean, Droid Eris, Droid, every Nexus phone, Droid Incredible, Galaxy S, Galaxy S3, HTC Trophy, Samsung Focus, every iPhone (except the first one… my brother had that before it came out because he worked at an Apple store), Nokia Lumia, Nokia N9 (oh yeah I did) and several more that I am leaving out. I’m not just siding with Android or iOS because I have brand loyalty. I really just don’t care.

    It boils down to this: I like where Google and Android are going; I don’t like where Apple software is going (iOS, their watch OS, and Yosemite which I’ve used in beta extensively).

    In my opinion, Google is growing and changing and taking chances and experimenting with things all the time. Apple makes a huge splash and then sticks to what works and makes incremental changes (well they did until now anyway, and I truly believe it’s because Steve Jobs isn’t here anymore to keep everyone in check – I apologize to his loved ones for even bringing his name into such a relatively meaningless discussion, but it’s relevant to my point). Apple has stopped being the “face” of consumer electronics innovation and has become another proverbial fish in the sea. Now I think they’re just trying too hard to scoop up sales from Android devices.

    Back to the original question, how do the new iPhone fare? Just fine. I think it’s a fine device for people who want it. I think all of these phones fit someone’s interests somewhere, and I think that in “real world experience” the core differences between these phones is negligible. I for one can’t stand hardware manufacturer versions of Android, so all I see worth buying in this table is the Moto X (even though it’s not totally stock, it’s as far as I’ll go), Nexus 5, and the iPhones.

    If I had to choose one of those phones, I wouldn’t. I would wait for the upcoming Nexus phone. If I had a ton of money to spend frivolously, I would get the iPhone 6 and the upcoming Nexus phone and switch every few months.

  • Nigel

    Surely big expensive phones do more multitasking type typical use so they’ll struggle with only 1GB memory?

    2GB memory on Android is “enough” for most and buying with 3GB is headroom for future.

    The under-spec there seems the RAM.

    • TJ

      As I understand it Apple’s device is a more efficient so it requires less memory.
      Android is written to cover a wider range of devices so it may require more memory.
      I’m not 100% sure as I have not recently seen any metrics on it, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong :)

      • Miguel

        Is it really that efficient? All the apps and functions of an iphone are implemented based on the hardware. It doesn’t record 4k video, it doesn’t allow to customize the UI and it seems it always struggles with multitask. For me it is limited rather than efficient.

        It’s like comparing a ps4 to a pc.


          Yes ! agree,Because limitation of ios user not make big changes in ios device like theme,icon change. And all background process are limited by ios device not take large amount of memory to run faster, so 1gb ram is more efficient to run faster,

          compare to android device , in ios device 1gb ram is much better than android device 2gb ram or more

        • John

          You’re all missing the fact that the iPhone has a 64 bit processor which can handle significantly more taxing tasks than the 32 bit processors on the current Android range.

          Ergo, the ram is less significant an issue than you realise.

  • Nigel

    iphone 6 battery size looks small.

  • ash

    Something I realized recently. Apple is more like fashion company branded with technology while Google is indeed tech company. Both have different business behavior. Apple products cannot be measured by features and functionality just like any other fashions stuff instead, by trends. Apple make trends and they do it well.

    • TJ

      I disagree. Yes, they do try to make slick looking products, but its not just a case. Their “eco system” works well together, and if they all looks and no functionality I doubt they would have the following they have, especially of those more technically inclined. As a software engineer, I consider myself among those more technically inclined. Myself and several of my peers swear by apple devices, even though we are C# developers (Microsoft tech).

      • Harry

        There is a lot of things missing on multiple phones? Where are you getting your data from? In my head I new of more features and that is from people talking about it. The only one that seems to have some research is the iPhone 6 devices (and that is it).

  • TJ

    Short version:
    I’m a long time android user going to iPhone.
    I’m looking forward to long term dependability and the quality of devices I’ve come to expect from Apple. The limited functions I use on my smartphone should be fine on any smartphone, but I’m sick of being forced to upgrade every 20 months from updates being deployed to my phone causing it to lag.

    Long version:
    I’m going IPHONE 6 (not plus) after being a loyal Android user since the G1.
    When I upgraded from the Galaxy S1 to the S3 I wanted the S3 to last more than 2 years.

    I used to root my phones and customize the crap out of it, but any more I simply use it to make calls, texts, emails, and browse the web. I occasionally use it for music, camera, maps, manage money, and calendar.

    Any smart phone can do these things these days, but I want something that will be reliable and dependable. I’m sure vanilla android would work much better than Samsung with touchwiz overlay and all the pre-installed wireless carrier garbage, but the Nexus devices you must buy up front and I read google said they wouldn’t be continuing the Nexus line.

    I have been very happy with the the Apple devices I’ve had over the years. I have an iPod that is 8 years old and still kicking. Over the last 3 years I’ve had gotten a few iPads (one for me one for my wife) and a MacBookPro. My MBP is 2 years old and still running like new. My Wifes 2 year old dell already needs to be replaced. I’ve had very few issues with my ipads- the few issues have all been 3rd party app related.

    Nearly everyone I know that has an iPhone loves it – no noticeable lag after 2 years (unlike my android experience), they are reasonably sturdy, and the OS is built for a set subset of devices (unlike windows desktop os, or android mobile os). Apple supports their devices with regular OS updates for 3+years, where android you are lucky to get 20 months of support and that is phone vendor specific (except maybe vanilla android). The biggest complaint I’ve seen from friends is the lack of storage capacity (so I’m opting for the 64gb). I’ll probably upgrade my iCloud as well.

    Not getting a Plus because I dont want to pack around the larger device, though I do see the appeal.
    Anyway, nothing against android, They are good devices if you use the added functionality, but I feel for me apple is just a better for me.

    • jevyjav

      I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you’ve never owned a nexus or an unlocked android phone. I’m also gonna take another wild guess and assume that you’ve never worked at a cell phone store such as at&t. If you had than you would have first hand experience with the most reliable phones and software that android has to offer also as an employee in a mobile phone store I could spend 8 paragraphs explaining to you why both carrier branded phones and Iphones are a racket in the planned obscelesence grand scheme. 2 weeks before the new iPhone was announced we started getting an abnormally large flow of customers coming in the store with malfunctioning iPhone problems.

    • jen

      Yeah apple is perfect no lag whats so ever . . . ummm yeah no. My best friend had a 4 and finally replaced it with an s5 because she would have nothing but problems. The phone would hang up on her, it would lag, all the time there was issues. I hate when people say they just work. They are electronic items like anything else. Also I have an hp computer I have had for three years. Still works amazing and I dropped it on concrete a year ago and no problems. Most computers I have had have lasted way more then 2 years and non of them were apple. Just because your wife’s isn’t working right doesn’t mean that it’s because it’s not an apple. It just means something went wrong with her particular one. The reason most people need to replace their electronics isn’t because of issues it’s because electronics get outdated quickly. The updates to programs and apps require more power and memory and slows down on older hardware.

      • Nick

        iPhone is 4 years old… What other 4 year old smart phone is still in use and not sitting at the bottom on nightstand drawers across the world?

        • Crumb

          Wow across the world. I would venture to say almost all brands 4 years or older smart phones are been used across the world. The number one smart phone would definitely be the Blackberry as it was the number one smart phone until Apple kill it (and then Android grab the title right away and became the supreme ruler of it). Provably the ratio of Blackberries over iPhone 4 would at least 2 to 1. My neighbor uses her Palm Centro and she is happy with it as it is about 20x faster than her husbands iPhone at making calls and the her battery last longer (although she carries a bunch of extras in her purse).

          So what is your point?

    • John

      It’s also worth noting that baring the screen resolution difference between the two phones, developers have a consistent set of specs to work with, which means there will be great consistency across user experience in apps etc.

      Anyone who has used two different Android phones will no doubt see a difference in performance between devices, something that won’t affect the iPhone as much.

      For the record, I’m a Windows Phone user…… AND WHAT?! SAY SUTTIN!

  • ihatefanboys

    1 GB of RAM is pitiful. No competition at all. It will sell millions though, thats the sad part

  • Jerry Rich

    Almost all the Android phones on your list absolutely blow away the apple devices on the tech side and would be a better choice. Apple has a large group of moronic followers that will buy the apple phones for no other reason than the apple logo on the phone. If Samsung or HTC released a new phone with the same specs as this apple device they would be criticized unmercifully.

  • Juan

    Apple knows that no matter what sort of (mainly under) specs they bring out with their phones, the public will simply lap it up. Apple knows this and that’s what makes it sad that these Apple groupies don’t realize/care that they are just being taken for a long expensive ride. What a sad scenario indeed.

  • jim

    The Note 3 with CyanogenMod is better than any other phone out there! Only the Note 4 will take it when it gets CyanogenMod support.

    • WhatUTalkignBout

      But CyanogenMod is not supported on the Note 3 (unofficially or officially according to the CyangenMod website). So what are you taking about?

  • Gigz

    Apple for the longest time has been building its reputation on the fact that many consumers have been choosing their smartphone based on the look of the phone, rather than functionality. Their most recent release, the 6 has gone from that to a medium between that and the functionality of an Android device. By doing this, they have eliminated the sleek look of the iPhone and achieved mediocrity in today’s advanced field of mobile processing. Apple needs to learn that the following community has not joined them for spec results, if they were they would surely move to any of the top android names.

    • Jerry Rice

      I agree with your comment. IMO the followers of the apple brand believe that the components inside the phone are of a better quality or special in some way. The followers would probably be shocked to learn that the dreaded Samsung has made and is making the processors in the apple phones.

  • Alba

    I find Galaxy Note 4 much better than iPhone 6 (both versions). My father like iPhone 6 and have decided to upgrade his iPhone 5S. We have many Smartphone in our home to charge all the devices simultaneously I recently purchased a 6 Port USB Charger that can charge up to 6 Android as well as iOS based Smartphone with capacity of 10 Amps and power of 50W.

  • Jesse1

    Apple has been selling trivial, gullible people “devices” that are “cutting edge” and they hide under that lie, truth is its just a pretty hunk of material to look at. But they’ve brainwashed people (some) into believing that THEY and ONLY they have to right product for u to make life… Easier, smoother. What a joke.

  • Sam

    you seemed to have missed out the nexus 4 on that list. everyone here knows that the iPhone 6 has the same specs as a 2 year old Android device. maybe one day apple will let people actually make the device a bit more personal to the person using. being able to change the wallpaper is not good enough when it comes to customisation. Then again, churning out the same thing year after year seems to be what Apple do best.

  • nour

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.

  • someinternetdude

    The chart really goes to show how Apple makes its money. The specs are below standard for the product they put out, but yet they spend an enormous amount on advertizing and hyping the product. Also goes to show the gullibility of the iSheep. But having said that Tim is no Jobs in terms of being a “word smith”. I’m just wondering how long this “below industry specs, high hype strategy” will get them. It appears to be failing year after year as of late.

    Android rules.

  • The Harold Xpress

    Well still some Jobs BS still lives. Even this so called “nerd at heart” who wrote this table. Did no research and is clueless about technology, as it still uses Apple propaganda wording like Retina HD. There is no such thing as Retina display per se. It is an Apple term meaning Apple’s freaking LCD screen. They have used TN, LCD, and now IPS LCD technology. So the top column should drop the Retina HD as it is just Apple propaganda BS naming. So it very possible that the iPhone 6 Plus and the OnePlus screens look identical or it is even possible to be exact same screen if purchased by the same vendor as Apple.

    Of course what ever your eyes things look better it will be better for you. Everyone has different type of color deficiency men in general are more green deficient tan women. So men will tend to like OLED screen (which have more green saturation over LCD screens). But in lab tests (the truly unbiased showdown) Samsungs AMOLED screens seem to fair better than the closely HTC IPS-LCD follow in a distance third by Nokia’s BlakcFilter(which makes it better in brighter light.) An Apple well is just very effective hype. Their IPS-LCD screens are available to anyone. The only thing they can not have is the naming Retina HD in it. Is like only Apple has FireWire everyone else has IEEE1394 9except Sony who calls it iLink and Texas instrument whicc calls it LYNX).

    So Apple BS is well incerted in Apple FanBoys (like the author of this article). And you wont get unbiased reports for years soe they will do alright until the next generation of writers (hopefully less biased than the current crop) come along.

  • Stu

    I used to be a apple hater and android lover until I got an iPad for work. It just works, has the best range of work apps. Then I got sick of windows 8 so brought a iMac and guess what it’s heaps better for work also.
    I still struggled to buy an iphone but I thought I would give it a go and what really sucked is it just worked too, location reminders worked, apps synced with my desktop, email app is way better it’s just easy…..
    I hated I phone 5′s little screen so I got an m8 which is great but syncing various app with desktop requires a app list a mile long so it’s gone and a iphone plus will replace it.

    If I used my phones as toys I’d have android but as much as I hate it apple is better echo system

  • ranman

    Where is the OnePlus One in your chart?

  • Sayed

    See, if you don’t care for specs, that’s fine. You don’t need the fastest powerhouse of a CPU to use instagram and snapchat, you don’t need 3 GB of RAM to play flappy bird, and you don’t need 551 ppi to see a picture of your lunch clearly.

    But if you are going to put all of these 2 year old specs in a phone, why in the name of all things holy is the iPhone 6 going to cost more than every other phone that DOES have better specs?

    Every phone on that list rapes the iPhone 6 specwise, yet each phone costs less or equal to the iPhone 6!

    I say, you don’t need to care about specs, but if you are going to be charged BIG TIME for 2 year old hardware specs, you’re letting Apple rip you off without even knowing it.

  • rustic

    most important piece of comparison is missing – price

  • Charkles

    I have never had an iPhone once. I was intrigued at the time the first came out and even didn’t know anything about it, because I had a Krazer at the time, no tv and no Internet. But two years layer I bought my first smart phone, HTC hero. It was great I love it too death and did me great until I had to get rid of it because I couldn’t afford the plan, which right about that time the phone took a crap on me, 6 months after having phone. Then I went Trac phone from Walmart and used that until I was in an electrical union and then I upgraded to a Motorola X-2 and after some trial and error my gf at the time got the iPhone 4s. I had a lot of respect for Apple, because I had used there mac’s in school, had bought an iPad, ipod, have a iTunes account and stuff, but I lay all respect for Apple when they sued Samsung for copyright issues. I haven’t dealt with them since. I bought a Samsung s3 mini late last year after switching to AT&T and last month switched for the Galaxy s5. It’s more of an “F you in the A Apple” sorry of thing, but I have been more impressed with the android devices them I have ever been with the stuff Apple keeps puking out. My wife had an iPhone 5c which I give get crap for and she hates it but knows I’m right. Android is way better and had been in the lead with devices for years now. People only buy iPhones because it’s the cool thing to do, but I am a Samsung guy now after trial and error, I’m with Samsung and anyone who can really shove it up apple’s a-hole.