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Android L shown with refreshed status bar icons and navigation buttons


We already know that Android L will include new app user interfaces and fresh navigation buttons, but it looks like it’ll offer some refreshed status bar icons as well.

Some new Android L status bar icons and navigation buttons have been discovered by Myce. The site found a bug in the Chromium issue tracker that causes Chromium to crash, and when you look at the top and bottom of the bug in action, you can see the new icons.


Starting up top, we can see a solid Wi-Fi indicator as well as a new, smaller clock. The bottom of the display includes the same basic navigation button shapes, but they’re smaller in this new leak.

These new icons come from a build of Android L – LRW87D – that’s said to be just five days old. And while they’re not exactly huge changes, they do help to make Android L feel a bit more fresh and modern. Here’s to hoping that the whole thing gets pushed out to us soon so that we can continue to dig into its new goodies.

Via: Android Police

Sources: Myce, Chromium Issue Tracker

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  • Justin Boyed

    Did anyone else notice that the home buttons are the same as the ones on the leaked rendering of the motorola nexus 6/X?

  • Ray Rice vs Adrian Peterson slap match

    I noticed the BASF advertisement

  • marty

    Ugh. Smaller is not good design, just harder to read. Also the shapes don’t make sense, I wish they’d just leave it alone.

    I feel like its change for its own sake not to add functionality.

    • Simon

      No but a bolder and thicker font equals better readability, and that’s good design! The thumbnails above corroborate my story.
      1. They are not that much more vague than the old icons! What they lack in ability to be easily identified by idiots, they make up for in a unified look!
      2. How often do you even look at them? If you don’t like them you can take solace in the fact that 99% of the time you’ll press them without looking at them.

      • mattcoz

        Uhh, the back button was an arrow pointing back, the home icon was a house, how are those not much less vague than a sideways triangle and a circle? There’s really no good icon for the recents button, so I’ll give you that one. The new icons just make it look like a Playstation phone.

      • ObsceneJesster

        Personally, I like the new icons. They look more modern. Also, like Simon said, after pressing the same icons over and over again for the past 4 years, you shouldn’t even need to look at them. Now, I would be ticked if they moved the home icon over to the right and put the back button on the left with the multi task icon in the middle. That would be stupid!

  • Tommy

    Who cares. Who’s even gonna get this? Nexus 6, moto x whatever, and maybe a new HTC or Samsung flagship… 6 months later..

  • Andi Hope

    Hopefully HTC will contribute with the option to change the font, it’s style & size as they have on Sense 6 & Kit-Kat. From Sense 5 onwards I’ve loved the Sense skin, whereas it was one of the main reasons I’d never bought a HTC phone before the One M7.I actually prefer it to Stock Android & it is pretty clear that Google has taken many cues from HTC with Android L…

  • Mags

    looks the same