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Android Wear update to feature custom clock faces, coming to all devices

Android Wear

Android Wear is only a few months old. It’s a very new product, and naturally, it has limitations and missing features. People are waiting patiently for an update to add some simple features to their devices. Luckily, Google has announced a new update for Android Wear watches on its blog.

This update will add a bit of standalone functionality to devices, allowing you to listen to music and track your movement via GPS without a smartphone connected to the watch. Music can be done using Bluetooth headphones. There will also be support for custom watch faces, something I know a lot of people really want. This will allow developers to create their own watch faces and release them for the world to use.

And since Android Wear is currently so standardized, all current watches will be getting this update. This goes for the older Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch, along with the freshly announced ASUS Zen Watch, LG G Watch R, and even the Sony SmartWatch 3. This is update heaven, at the cost of manufacturer customizations of course.

This update will be released in the coming months and it should have even more cool stuff by then. I know that watch faces aren’t exactly the most useful thing in the world, but I simply can’t wait for the custom watch faces. It’ll make Android Wear devices the ultimate fashion accessory.

Source: Google Blog

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    Funny thing, referring to the Samsung Galaxy Live and LG G Watch as older, when they were just released a month ago.