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ASUS ZenWatch to be under $199 according to CEO


Android Wear has been out for a few months already, but you have a choice between only two devices. The LG G Watch retails for $229.99 and the Samsung Gear Live for $199.99. We’re waiting for more options to appear, and they’re not far off. The fan favorite Moto 360 should launch soon, though it’s probably going to be at a price premium.

But ASUS also has a smart watch up its sleeve, and we’ve already learned a few details about it. It’ll be called the ZenWatch, and according to the CEO, it’ll be priced under $199. This may just mean it’ll end up priced at $199.99, but we really hope it’ll be cheaper and bring Android Wear to more people. A $150 smart watch would be awesome.

We’ll find out more at IFA where ASUS will be launching the device. We’ll also probably see more smart watches released, bringing competition and variety. The wearable device market is booming and I can’t wait to see what awesome devices will come.

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Source: Focus Taiwan

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  • Vance

    Um… $199.99 is not less than $199.
    Regardless I’m afraid the hardware won’t entice me at that price but will remain hopeful. I really want a high end android wear device with a mirasol display and 3+ days battery life.

  • Nigel

    Considering how low-spec are the hardware components which are mandatory, these watches can be <$100 and still be well made.

    Bluetooth, a small battery, small display, a few sensors…..

    So what will differentiate is sweetspot balance of what you get in the watch and how it complements the phone it is paired with.

    Downward in pricing is good.

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