• tojen

    Good news. Now this is a useable amount of data.

    • Chris

      Too bad the price is outrageous!!!

    • RK

      Good, now at least those, who have ported out, may re-think to get back, AT&T is ready to welcome you………………. http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • Vance

    I’ll stick with unlimited data thanks. #t-mobile

    • LOL

      Any “unlimited data” plan is a significantly slower speed overall. It’s capped, and probably BECAUSE it’s unlimited. I’ve tested Sprint and T-Mobile (both who have unlimited data plans) in full bar service areas and they are ALWAYS more than 50-60% slower than AT&T. They fool you with the “unlimited” word and give you old generation speeds. I’ll take the speed for a measly few extra dollars any day. Completely worth it.

      • crashtx1

        Gee, you seem pretty bitter that someone pointed out they are getting a better deal.

  • Greg Welling

    I already have the 15Gb plan, so for the same price that I currently pay, I can get 30Gb of data. No brainer! Thanks At&t

    • jes

      Make sure you contact AT&T to verify

  • Ron

    It’s nice to get good news every now and then. This helps out our family. Thanks AT&T.

  • Chris

    Of course, my family uses 9.8GB of data each month, and we have a 10GB plan. I wish they had the same deal for 10GB users to go up to 20GB, because it would cost $30 for me to move up to the 15/30GB plan, but it’s not worth the cost. $30 just so I can stream music? Not worth it. Ugh.

  • linda

    i just wish at&t would just do away with the data all together and go back to the old plan where you could have unlimited data and be able to stay on the enter net as long as you want that would be so nice that would sure help people like me who live on low income we all have to make a living i am praying that at&t goes back to the old plan so other people can have unlimited data any time