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Bend test: Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6 Plus


Unless you’ve managed to avoid the Internet entirely today, I’m certain you’ve seen at least a couple reports of the iPhone 6 Plus being surprisingly vulnerable to bending. A video from Unbox Therapy is the extreme example that is getting the most attention, but there are reports from many users that after carrying the iPhone 6 Plus in their front pocket for a few days, they are starting to see a permanent bend in the phone.

Here’s the aforementioned Unbox Therapy video that is causing quite a stir. TL;DW, the iPhone 6 Plus comes away pretty severely bent just below the volume buttons.

Not surprisingly many Apple fans came to their defense immediately saying that of course any phone will bend and break if you put a great deal of pressure on it. Well Unbox Therapy took that feedback and made a second video attempting to bend the Galaxy Note 3 in the same fashion. TL;DW the Galaxy Note 3 bends and apparently makes quite a bit of creaking in the process, but ultimately shows virtually no ill effects from having been bent.

The results really shouldn’t be terribly surprising given the aluminum construction of the iPhone 6 Plus versus the plastic found in the Galaxy Note 3; however, Samsung fans are going to have a hard time passing up rubbing this in the face of Apple fans after years of hearing about the superior build quality of Apple devices.

Source: Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel

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  • Cwalden21

    The almighty apple phone has a flaw?!? hah isuckers

  • Nerd

    Can’t wait to pre-order my note 4 tomorrow :) hehehe

    • Srivatssan

      Note 4 has an aluminium case too i guess.

      • Paul

        But has a plastic back, and i couldnt see Samsung not knowing that a phablet wouldnt bend and would make it better…..

    • nosense

      Would it be perfect if one manufacturer jumped the gun and made a carbon fiber composite chassis???

      That would be awesome and would justice to the overcooked pricetags of these so called top range smartphones

  • Monk

    Not only this flaw, that in my opinion is a misuse of the phone. Aluminum devices easily dent and scratch, so in 3 or 4 months most iphones look like old devices. Unless you use a case, but using a case hides the metal… That’s why I prefer policarbonate ( good policarbonate).

    • Guay

      I never understand all the talk about the beauty of the device when you really have to use a case – usually an ugly one. It’s an issue for guys who put phones in their pocket. Women have it easy with their purses

  • rocco76

    That is sad for all the isheep. My Note 3 held up to the test.

  • CreamSoda

    Now try and bend a Lumia 1520. Good luck.

    • TroyRig

      No luck necessary. After being in my pocket the screen goes crazy with ghost touches, and I have to bend it back to correct it. The screen also cracked in the upper left corner after being in my pocket once. it’s just so big and thin it’s susceptible to pressure.

  • Rayjay

    The Note 3 looks a lot thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus. That could explain the difference in bending strength.

  • Dee Max

    The Note 3 did well because it has a magnesium alloy chassis. The plastic around it helped it bounce back. Quality build.

  • underseaglider

    It seems that the newest problem of iPhone 6 is its bendability. It is discovered that it is prone to breaking which is a big disadvantage from a high-end smartphone brand.

  • Nonamea Noface

    The note doesn’t bend in your pocket. I have a friend that claims his iPhone 6, not plus , got bent in his pocket. He wears tight jeans. Anyone else heard of this? I was thinking about giving IPhone a try, now that the screen is bigger. I don’t want to waste my money.

  • Eyebolt

    You’re all missing the fact that this is a new invented feature…iBend…you can now bend your iPhone 6+ to conform to your pocket!!!

  • to.astrian

    But it’ll work as a surfboard surely

  • robert cruz

    Ios just kills android nuf said

  • gdiaz

    morons, its not the iphone, Its the way you put it in your pocket. They’ll send you a free bumper case…

    • to.astrian

      So exactly how should one put it in one’s pocket

      • Tangent

        The same way you properly hold an iPhone 4 without killing the signal. Stop[ holding it wrong! :-P

  • Tim

    That poor guy must be an iPhone fanboy… sounded like he really wanted that Note 3 to break.

  • Bart

    One interesting observation no one has made yet… For all the complaining that people do about plastic phones, it is actually the more resilient material to use in portable devices like these. Metal is actually a bad choice.

    • BlazeHN

      Yeah righ?! I never understood why people want very weak aluminium body that have a lot of cons instead of plastic which have more pros. Most of that people put the phone on a case in the end anyways.

  • JQuest81

    This is just ripe marketing fodder for Samsung… I’m sure as we speak, they’re drawing up commercials.

    • Guay

      Or a great Saturday night live sketch

  • Ever

    For sure apple will release the “iPurse” so you can avoid having the iphone 6 on your pockets!

  • Limie

    Well it looks like lots of pressure was used to end the phone. I guess if you stuff it in your back pocket and sit on it it will bend.

  • aryin

    Apple people would say “this is the best bending phone, ever”.

    • Guay

      At least Apple is being innovative with the #bendghazi

  • Derek R-C

    I am curious to see one of the M8. Aluminum vs Aluminum style.

    • Brian Watkins

      When I first saw this i attempted to bend my m8, mind you I did not want to ruin my new phone, I exerted enough pressure to turn my finger nails white and there was no movement

      • Kenny

        I weigh about 190 and I carry my M8 in my back pocket and do not typically take it out when I sit down and all it has on it is one of the featherweight Incipio cases (ie, basically no added structural support); it is in perfect condition after months of this. My One S held up for over 2 years of being sat on every day, all day, also an aluminum frame. Apple just used poor materials, poor quality assurance and/or did not not set high enough tolerances for their material specifications. This is why I stick with HTC devices (among other reasons).

  • tojen

    Lg take note, this is perfect marketing fodder for the upcoming g flex announcement.

  • jamal adam


  • johnC

    please could you test the HTC One M8 as thats what I have and it is aluminium. I have it in my pocket and havent had it bend.

    i despise apple!

  • GE918

    Haha to all of you said that aluminum so great. Looks like plastic reigns supreme in the bend test.

    Maybe Samsung knew something that Apple didn’t.

  • TruFactz


  • TruFactz

    Well the thing is, most metal body phones have magnesium in them, unfortunately, Apples iphones do not. Im sure Apple will get it together……..but until then HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Gill Android

    This is the result of going crazy for thinness and so-called premium finish and ignoring the all important strength. iSheeps get up and stand in line LOL

  • Otto

    How does that test relate to having a smartphone in your back pocket and sitting down?

    For those without any thinking abilities, it doesn’t. It shows that a person with large hands can apply enough force to bend a thin electronics object.

    Think of it this way. If I bench press 350 lbs, what conclusion can you make about the 350 lbs I just bench pressed. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    That “test” has nothing to do with the reality of how people use phones.

  • Paul

    that iphone 6plus thing just bent like a pretzel straight away! Godzilla of phablets is incredible note 3 all the way baby! now who can laugh at all metal phones. Samsung thats who LOL