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Calling all Moto X, G and 360 questions


So despite the confusion regarding the exact nature of the Motorola “announcement” last week, they did indeed drop a number of new products on us after leading us around their amazing Chicago offices. I’ve been using the new Moto X, Moto G, Moto 360 and even the Power Pack Micro over the last few days and will be posting my early impressions soon.

Before I finish up with those posts, though, I wanted to see if you had any specific questions regarding the new Motorola lineup that you’d like me to address.

If you are interested in the Moto Hint, I’ll be happy to cover that as well. Sadly, I don’t have a Hint to review just yet, but I did spend a fair amount of time with it at the event and I also talked to Motorola staff about it, so have a few insights to share. Bulky bluetooth headsets have an unfortunate stigma to them, but if wearables catch on there’s going to be a market for a discrete way to receive the audio from your wearable device, and the Hint is the best option I’ve seen so far.

So if you have any questions, just let me know in comments and I’ll either answer them directly or build them into the impressions posts.

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  • surethom

    Can you tell us the real world Battery tests, for the Moto G as it has a bigger screen & the same battery size as last years model

    What is the real world test of the Battery on the Moto X.

    • Sean Riley

      I’m working on those, I never like to go in too early on battery tests as I want a few cycles for things to shake out, but I’ll give what I have so far in the impressions post.

      • MRod

        It will be great a couple of lines that compare the battery life against the 2013 Moto G!

  • surethom

    What is the megapixel on the Moto G & X for Widescreen photos. Do you have last years Moto G& X for a indoor Photo comparisons using Widescreen settings. Cheers.

    • Sean Riley

      The G is 6MP and the X is 9.7MP for widescreen photos.

      Sorry, I don’t have the previous versions of either to do a comparison test at the moment.

  • roland

    Will the moto hint work with any android phones and Apple as well?

    • Sean Riley

      Yes, they are compatible with any phone that supports bluetooth, but there are some advantages to using it with a Motorola device such as the Moto Voice integration allowing you to not have to touch the Hint to use it.

  • Chris


    Really interested by the battery life of the Moto X 2014 ?
    The 2300 mAh scares me .. really
    Was the biggest disappointment for me

  • Jeff

    Did you get your hands on the standard black plastic back? For those of us without access to Moto Maker, it looks like our only option is white with bamboo or black with plastic. What’s your impression of the plastic material used?

    • Sean Riley

      My review unit is the white with bamboo and I’m quite enjoying that, but I never had the original Moto X with a wood back so it’s perhaps just that it is still new for me.

      I’m still a little torn on the feel of the plastic version. I’m not quite as taken with the overall feel of the new Moto X as I was with the previous version, but that isn’t exactly harsh criticism as the original Moto X had the hands down best feel of any device I had ever used. I’ll definitely have some commentary in the impressions post on this and will try to make my thoughts a little more coherent by then.

  • Jay

    Is the battery life on the Moto 360 as horrible as some people have said, or do you think they were using it more frequently than the average person would?

    I wonder if it died so soon on them because they were using it constantly, testing it nonstop and leaving screen on for hours at a time. I imagine the reviewers placing a bunch of calls, looking for apps, installing apps, testing a bunch of things, texting from it constantly and so on because it’s their job to do so. If they had a normal job or were students, they probably wouldn’t be interacting it with it so frequently. What do you think?

    • Sean Riley

      I’ll get into this somewhat extensively in the 360 impressions post, but I think the early reviews have blown this problem out of proportion and frankly it isn’t surprising given that some of them posted after at most a single day with the device. I’m testing the ambient (always on) mode today and will have the results of that in the impressions post tomorrow as well.

  • DroidSamurai

    The Motorola Hint is really interesting — currently, almost all wearable devices focus on a visual UI (ex, glasses, watches, etc.) A category of devices that rely on an audio UI would be refreshing. In addition, it will also help those who are visually impaired.

  • Brad G

    Have you been able to test the turbo charger at all?

    • Sean Riley

      I just got it set up today and am waiting for the battery on the Moto X to be depleted enough to give it a shot, but if it works as advertised it’ll be tremendously useful for travelers and those that work a long day and want to charge up quick before they head out for the night.

  • Dave

    My questions are more so on pricing really, the pricing hasn’t really been specific.

    For instance, how much will the 32GB version of the Moto X be? I have heard the price of the Moto X will be $499, but the specific price of the 16GB and 32GB hasn’t really specifically been stated. I have heard the 32GB will be $50 more than the 16GB, but it really hasn’t been specifically confirmed.

    I heard you have to pay a premium for personalizations such as leather and wood(bamboo), what will that pricing be like?

    Motorola’s camera from the Moto X only takes still pics at full-resolution, will we have any options from the Motorola camera to change the resolution of pics we take on the new Moto X?

    How does the front-facing speaker (heard it’s only 1 speaker, not full accodring to the Motorola Live Q&A) sound? What is the sound boosting technology they use? (Motorola stated they use some boosting technology for that front facing speaker. I’m guessing to make up for not having dual front-facing speaker).

    • Sean Riley

      I got the impression a lot of this wasn’t set yet, we had a chance to play with MotoMaker for the new Moto X, but all of the pricing was blanked out at the moment.

      I think it is probably a safe assumption that it’ll be a $50 premium to go from the 16GB to 32GB. It was suggested that $25-$50 for the bamboo and leather options was possible, but it wasn’t officially stated.

      The camera options are the same, you can only jump between widescreen and standard, there is no ability to reduce from full resolution.

      I’ll look into the speaker info, it sounds better than the speakers on my Note 3 or Ascend Mate 2, but while I don’t have one right now there is no question the One M8 blows it out of the water.

      • Dave

        Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate your response.

  • Jeremy Olimb

    When will the Moto G (2014) be available in the US? There is a preorder page up and taking orders on Moto’s site but I can’t find anything that says when it will ship?

    • Sean Riley

      They weren’t able to give us any specific info on that, they merely told us that the preorder site was going up.

  • doug

    I am still trying to find a way to activate the previous moto g on verizon on non-prepaid line. any work arounds i should try?

  • the flash

    Would you recommend me wearing moto 360 while running/exercising? I sweat a lot during running which is one of my biggest problem. I have already broke a phone attached to my arm with armband because of my sweat.

  • fernando

    What sensors are in the moto 360? Compass? 6 axis sensor? Thermometer? Barometer? …
    Does it have WiFi? Any chance there is GPS inside?

  • Juan Almanzar

    Any idea if you would be able to pair two hints to one phone so you could get music coming from both? While I enjoy my LG tones, I would definitely appreciate something more discreet when walking around campus.

  • Randino

    As far as customization, are the speaker grills on the front of the Moto X customizable as an accent color, also what about the back dimple?

    • Sean Riley

      The speaker grilles can be customized with an accent color. I’ll check in with Motorola directly on the dimple for my full review, but my recollection is that it is not customizable.

  • Joseph Watkins

    This isn’t exactly specific to the Moto 360, but the Moto 360 is the watch I am looking to get. Nonetheless, do you have any kind of idea of how much battery life this saves your phone throughout the day. I know this is a hard metric to measure, but maybe just an idea from your daily experience. I feel like if these things only have a day’s worth of battery then hopefully they will at least keep me from looking on my phone so much, and therefore not turning on the screen and save me some hours on my phone. Let me know if this is completely wrong, but this is the main reason I am looking at the Moto 360/Asus ZenWatch.

    • Sean Riley

      I’ll try to answer this when I get to my full review, but I don’t have enough information to answer yet. My Note 3 has battery life problems that are unrelated to the 360 at the moment and I don’t have experience with the new Moto X without the 360 to know whether it is helping battery life or not.

      Based on my time with the Pebble over the last year I would guess that it’ll get you an extra hour or two, but again I’ll try to specifically look at this over the next week as I put my full review together.

      • Joseph Watkins

        Thanks, I might have to look into this myself some more with some very controlled tests. I was hoping for more than an hour or so, but if that were the truth I would think that some of these companies might be talking about it more. Also in my experience bluetooth 4.0 LE, isn’t that “low energy.” I sure as heck hope that it is good in the none ambient mode or whatever. Look forward to the review, and sorry to hear that about your Note 3. Battery life probably just get worse and worse over time.