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Custom Moto X devices shipping now

image Moto X

If you ordered a custom Moto X from Moto Maker recently, we have some good news for you: the device has begun shipping today, and will be arriving at doorsteps as soon as tomorrow.

Back when the original Motorola Moto X launched last year, Motorola was criticized for doing a horrible job of getting the device out to people. Between timed exclusivities and production problems, rollout of the Moto X was painful. Thankfully, Motorola has learned from its mistakes and is handling the launch of the new Moto X with ease.

If you ordered a custom Moto X from Motorola, we’d love to know you customized the device, so tell us in the comments. We’re expecting to see a lot of leather phones this year.

Source: Android Central

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  • halo0

    Black front, dark brown leather back, dark metallic accents. Also, mine shipped on Monday!

  • DrFaust

    Still waiting on Verizon to let me buy one. Meanwhile my selection of favorite color combos changes every day. I think I need to look at a few in person before I’m really certain; the images on moto maker look kind of CG-ish and leave me uncertain how accurate of a representation it is…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Anything Motorola sucks monkey balls..

    • 99steve

      I see samsucks stock hit its Lowest point in two years today. Classic fall from the top. I guess that’s what happens when your flagship phone gets the worst I lreviews of any out there. If you were as big as a fan as you say, why not use Tizen?? Then when you say Samsung is android, it actually would make sense to say Samsung is Risen because that’s what they want

  • 99steve

    Leather?? I like it, but what was with all the complaints when Samsung did it?

    • Trobing

      This is genuine leather vs Samsung’s leather-looking plastic.

  • Dave

    Black front, Turquoise back, Blue Speaker Grills, and Metallic Blue Trims. I was gonna do a blue leather back, but when I saw all the scuff marks on the review units posted in pics and videos, I was like NOOO! Then I was gonna do blue backs, but they were to like, dull. Very bland. So I went for turquoise.

    Mine is expected to be delivered to me on October 13th though -___-. I ordered mine Sept. 17th, the day after the premiere pre-order date.

  • Andrew

    I can’t even make an order on a moto x. Tried to buy 32 GB with white front and wooden back pure edition but says it is t 360 and hint also sold out. Wah…

  • Todd

    Moto X Pure- White front. Red trim, natural leather rear.

  • Tutall76

    I ordered mine on the on the 17th and it still says not shipped as of the 24th. White front, navy blue leather back with a blue trim. I can’t wait to see what it really looks like.