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DROID Turbo images leak, woven kevlar back and enormous branding in tow


While MotoMaker has expanded the color palette and textures available to the average Motorola fan exponentially, it appears that with the DROID line, Verizon is sticking with the Henry Ford motto of the customer being able to have any color they want as long as it is black.

If these pictures obtained by HelloMotoHK are indeed the “DROID Turbo,” then Motorola and Verizon have clung quite close to the DROID MAXX design of last year with just an expected size bump to the screen and a further tapering of the edges of the device. Hopefully it trends closer to the soft touch feel of the DROID MAXX and stays as far away from the DROID Ultra as possible. While the DROID branding is rarely subtle, they do appear to have ramped things up this year, going both larger and with pure white as opposed to the at least somewhat muted gray of last year.

As you may remember from last week, the @DROIDLanding Twitter account has essentially confirmed that fast charging will be a highly touted feature of the Turbo. As for the rest of the specs the current rumors have it pegged as a somewhat significant bump up from the Moto X, which is a departure from last year, with a QHD display, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 805 processor.

We reported over the weekend that the Moto X may finally be available on Verizon starting September 26 with a promotional deal that ends on October 10. The DROID Turbo is due in October, so perhaps we see it the week of the October 13 following the end of the Moto X deal.

I’m a big fan of the look and feel of the new Moto X and will be publishing my full review shortly, but if the DROID Turbo hits with a MAXX-size battery and a few other spec bumps, that is going to make for a tougher choice than I would have expected for Motorola fans on Verizon.

If you are considering picking up the new Moto X on Verizon what would convince you to go with the DROID Turbo instead?

Via: Droid Life

Source: HelloMotoHK Facebook Page

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  • Thomas Jansen

    I used one of these this past weekend. Soft feel to the back, very fast and responsive, bright, vivid screen. Camera was a bit weak, not all that impressed with picture quality.

  • elijahblake

    I wonder if this is what the Nexus will be based off of.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Motorola sucks monkey balls.

  • Cwalden21

    Ya know, it sure would be nice to have a Moto X with a larger, removable battery. Would be awesome to have the back removable where you could swap out with other customized backs from moto maker. Having the choice to have a leather back one day and a wooden the next would be pretty swell.(similar to the one plus style swap) Smh