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Gold Moto 360 could be in the works


In a possible gaffe by Motorola, a gold Moto 360 has appeared inside of a promotional image for our favorite round smartwatch. Motorola posted the image to show off the different watch faces for the Moto 360, but smack dab in the center was a gold Moto 360. Android Police contacted Motorola to ask about the image and got a lot of hemming and hawing. Within a little while, the gold Moto 360 had been pulled out of the image, leaving a gap where it had been. Later, the four other Moto 360s were rearranged to eliminate the gap.

Gold Moto 360

Motorola has since put out a statement saying the following, “Although we can’t comment on gold specifically, we’re always exploring new materials and we intend to provide Moto 360 in a selection of styles in the future.” In short, the gold Moto 360 is almost certainly real and should be coming out at some point in the near future.

Would you be interested in a gold Moto 360?

Source: Android Police

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  • tony

    maaaan talk about coopying android is always talking about apple and they cant even be original in their crap devices monkey do monkey does ?????? they always wait to see what apple does before they follow like litle sheeeeps

    • Fermin Martin

      I could’ve sworn it was monkey see monkey do? Hmm I’ve been saying it wrong this whole time

    • Sheep

      never talk negative here the fanboys run wild an will downvote you regardless if you’re right.

      Android sheep are no different that apple sheep they are just in denial.

    • FargoGeek

      Let me get this straight (because it is hard to read through the bad grammar and typos), Are you saying that Apple is the only company that has ever conceived of the idea of a gold watch? Apple better send a cease and desist order to Rolex and Omega then because those guys have been steeling Apples ideas for over a century.

      • BlazeHN

        You won the internetz today.

  • Nik O.

    Is it me, or does the gold moto360 have a smaller black bar achros the bottom than the others?

    • FargoGeek

      It defiantly looks that way to me to. My guess is the what ever add agency made up this Photoshoped in the watch face and made the bar smaller by accident.

    • BlazeHN

      All Moto G have that black bar at the bottom, its part of the screen design (yeah, not a good thing thou)

      • BlazeHN

        I mean Moto 360

  • Guys

    This really is prettier than Apples