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Google allegedly giving owners one chance to replace a broken Nexus 5

Nexus 5 White

We have some excellent news for Nexus 5 owners out there, though it comes without official proof. According to reports, Google has employed a new policy that will allow owners of the Nexus 5 to get one chance to replace a damaged phone. This means that if you happen to drop your device and shatter the display, you can get a free replacement straight from Google just one time.

This is similar to policies that both HTC and Motorola have enacted, both of which allow for a one time replacement due to damage. They each have their own limitations though, so know them before getting too careless with your device. But it looks like Google may be lenient about it and allow any sort of damage that may have occurred.

If you have a damaged Nexus 5, give the customer service line a shot and see if you can get it replaced. If so, it’ll save a lot of people a lot of money. Plus, such a policy is rare and very much appreciated (if not a little ripe for abuse). Let us know what you think of Google’s awesomeness!

Via: +Joshua D., Droid-Life

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  • Nono

    Will this apply only if purchased directly through the Google Play Store, or from carriers and other retailers as well?

    • Dima Aryeh

      I’m actually unsure about that, sorry.

    • Lee

      Yes, only if you purchased your phone thru US Google Play. Also need to be the original owner. Luckily I sold mine to my roommate when he broke his so they can still put it down as mine.

      • Rub

        Whats the phone number to call? Can I possible get mine replaced if I purchased it from T-Mobile?

    • chris

      Yes, I actually just got off the phone with Google & the first thing they asked me was if I had bought the phone straight of Google Play. If you bought it through a carrier, sorry. Also, LG will fix it but not for free.

  • Gabriel

    This would’ve been great… for the nexus 4. After my nexus 4 cracked and was shop expensive to replace, and annoyingly difficult to do a DIY replacement, I have up on Nexus phones. Not to mention it cracked while I was getting to remove an otterbox case, so it wasn’t even my fault.

  • Lee

    Yep I sent for my new one as soon as I woke up this morning. Definitely convenient.

  • jamal adam

    I just called them and the representative said that they would replace my Nexus 5. So excited, just made my day.

    • joe

      What phone #?

      • Brooks Barnard

        If only there was this searchable database with answers to stuff like that… That would be great.


    Just called Google……was turned down……they said they are aware of 3rd party websites talking about it…….but its not an offer…….i think its because i’m from CANADA

  • aranea

    My friend broke his screen a few weeks back and paid it to be replaced. Only if I heard about this back then…

  • jerrad hooper

    They replaced mine a few weeks ago when android l caused it to boot loop so badly that it boot looped in the recovery menu.

  • Sean

    Had mine replaced this morning after i read the news… I’ve had it since January and have always taken great care of it. Dropped it 3 days ago and it wont power on. Tried everything… Recovery, bootloader, USB charge, AC charge….NOTHING. They said no problem! They do a hold on your CC(in your required Google Wallet) for the price you paid for it though, but the hold on the funds comes off when they ship the replacement which takes a few days…

  • Perfecteagle

    Biggest thing with the replacement process is a hold for the full phone’s value on your card during the replacement process, but I can verify that they are issuing “one-time” exceptions.

  • MitchRapp81

    Oh man! I wish they had that for the Nexus 4 … I replaced by N4 with an N5 sooooo… wtv, win/win I guess?

  • raj

    Is this true? I called google and they said they get back to me by tomorrow evening.