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Google Drive for Education offers unlimited Drive storage for students


Students that use Google Apps for Education are in for a treat. Google is now rolling out a new set of features for Google Apps for Education that includes a new unlimited storage plan for Google Drive. Yes, the only limit you’ll have to deal with is a 5TB size limit per file.

All students that are currently using Google Apps for Education will be getting Drive for Education for free, along with two other features: Google Apps Vault is a search and archive tool that will keep information from your email, chat and storage to easily search through and sort, and Enhanced Auditing offers auditing tools for those who need them.

It’s great to see Google focusing on offering more free services to students. If you’re a student, these features will be rolling out over the coures of the next few months, with unlimited storage coming first in the next few weeks. Are you a student, and are you excited?

Source: Google for Education

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  • Chris

    One of my main complaints with Google Drive is the SLOOOW upload rates it has. It’s not much of an issue if you have a bunch of tiny text files but if you try to upload gigabytes worth of data, expect to spend many, many, many, many hours syncing.

    • Blue

      Probably because your upload speed from your internet connection is slow.

  • BlazeHN

    I am an student, I have a .edu email adress which I check on Gmail. How do I get this benefits? Its only for USA residents?

    • Blue

      Anyone who school uses “google apps for education” will benefit from this and Google said they will upgrade all accounts to unlimited storage in the next few weeks.