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Google offering refunds totaling $19 million for in-app purchases

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Apple, Google, and Amazon have all been under fire for their policies on in-app purchases. Many claim that it was too easy to complete these purchases, causing kids to buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of crap from apps that allow it. Apple and Google have since changed their policies to make it harder, but the FTC still wanted both companies to offer refunds.

Google has now settled with the FTC and will be offering refunds to people, with a minimum of $19 million dollars being returned. If you’re eligible, you will receive information from Google on how to apply for the refund. While that seems like a hefty sum of money, Apple had to settle for $32.5 million.

Amazon has taken a different approach so far, fighting the lawsuit instead of settling. While it may not be the smartest idea, Amazon refuses to get rid of its easy one click purchasing method that it has become known for. Plus, it can be argued that the company offering purchases shouldn’t be blamed for kids making these purchases when they were allowed free reign with a mobile device. But Google decided to settle, and it’s probably better off doing so.

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Source: FTC

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  • JustinCredible

    IMHO If an adult gives a smartphone to kid he/she has to be aware of what tye device is capable of. And be aware of how hes/hers accounts and credit cards are used by phone. If an adult has no understanding of these things he/she should not have such device in firstplace. In where i live they dont give credit cards or loans or driving licences or gun permits to total morons either.

    • john

      Agreed. This wouldn’t be a large issue if parents would monitor their kids. Too often I see smart phones and tablets used to pacify children while the adults do their own thing

      I guess my parents should have sued AOL because I remember my parents getting 400 dollar phone bills(which they paid) for using the dial up too much!! They were pissed, but at least they were pissed at the right people(me). Internet was brand new back then but once my parents understood what I was capable of, they put that on lock down =(

  • aryin

    sue them for making it smooth and easy? seriously?