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Google puts up Glass and accessories on the Play Store

Google Glass Play Store

Google Glass hasn’t been an exclusive product for a while now. The beta product has been available for purchase to pretty much anyone who has $1500 laying around and lives in the few supported countries. However, you’d have to go to a dedicated site to pick up the smart wearable, which doesn’t make much sense when you consider that Google has its own store where it sells all types of hardware.

Thankfully, Google has remedied this by putting Google Glass up on the Play Store. Also available by its side are all the accessories, including the various frames, shades and earbuds that were introduced with the Glass redesign. The frames cost $225, the shades $150, and the earbuds $85.

If for some reason you wanted Google Glass but haven’t purchased it, now is a good time to head to the Play Store and do so. The move to the Play Store should get the device some more attention, though the price tag is still very restrictive. Hopefully this is part of the preparation for a final release!

Source: Play Store

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  • Steve

    Probaby the most intrusive piece of hardware one can own in public. This product sould be banned in just about any publicly own buisness or property. These things can snap a picture of you, without your knowledge, then find your profiles on social sites, dating sites, or just about anywhere a picture of you is posted. The sad thing is, i am sure someone will get shot sonewhere because of these invasion of privacy articles

    • Brook Marin

      Because people can’t take millions of pictures of you with their built in cameras in their cellphones without your knowledge either… Maybe we should ban cameras on cellphones too!

      Let’s think logically here….

      • aol

        your logic is flawed

        There is a difference from point and shoot with a cell phone camera.

        Not to mention places don’t allow cellphones might not be aware of these
        Recording cinema movies lot less inconspicuous than with a cell phone.

        Place these on counter in bathroom, bedroom..ect leave running so many things.

        • your comment sux

          Most ppl hold there phones in the position to take pictures. There are apps so u dont have to ooen the camera to take a pic. Not to mention there are several hats, pens, and glasses that have been around for years. If someone with google glass stares at you, by all means go knock them out if they are that stupid, like you

  • nour

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    • Tma

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