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Google reportedly wants to boost presence of Google on Android devices

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Not getting enough Google in your Android diet? Your next device may help satiate your appetite.

The Information reports that Google is increasing the requirements that manufacturers must follow when making an Android device. Those changes include an increase in the number of preinstalled Google apps up to as many as 20, prominent placement of Google apps and the Google Search bar, inclusion of an “OK Google” hotrod and the presence of a Google trademark or “Powered by Android” logo at startup.

These new requirements are reportedly being applied to “dozens” of companies. Included in that bunch are HTC, Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei, among others.

While one of the perks of Android is that it allows manufacturers to customize their software and hardware with new features, sometimes those add-ons can be worse than Google’s own offerings. Those additions can also make it difficult for regular folks to seek out Google’s own services. These new requirements are an effort to Google-ize Android and ensure that more consumers get the chance to see what Google’s apps and services are all about.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: The Information

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  • BlazeHN

    I like this, less Touchwizzy Sammys, more Androidy taste =)

    • Jorge

      I agree

  • jake

    Hmm, I’m running a Google Play Edition device, and I don’t have 20 Google apps on it. Hope this doesn’t turn into Google Bloat.

    • BlazeHN

      As long as you can delete them if you want that would be no problem. But if they force you to keep them then yes, it would sux =/

  • jay

    I would totally hit the streets and burn rubber in an OK Google hotrod.

    • charlie88

      I already got mine. What a beast.

  • jimbi

    I agree this in my opinion should happen.. Every manufacture makes there phone must install android STOCK!!! can add there own launchers there own apps there own. Android must be stock add the apps to you phone! Just like Motorola!!! That’s working

  • Lyle

    A ok google hot rod i gotta have it! Wonder if it’s like the new droid turbo on verizon?

  • eN

    Stock Android with fast updates + bloatware in Google Play, if someone needs it. It will work.