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Here’s where you’ll be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge in the US

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been announced a detailed, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “where can I sign up for more information on the Note 4? When is it going to be released? Who is going to sell it?” Thankfully, we have at least some of that information to share with you.

As was to be expected, every major carrier in the US and then some is going to be selling at least the Galaxy Note 4, some the Galaxy Note Edge and others official Samsung accessories as well. Here’s what we know so far:

AT&T will be selling both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Edge. You can already find information pages for both devices on the AT&T website. Along with the two devices, AT&T will carry some of the new Samsung accessories, like the Gear VR.

Verizon will also be selling both the Note 4 and Note Edge, and they have an information signup page located here.

T-Mobile has also announced that, yep, they will also be selling the Note 4 and Note Edge. And they also have a signup page live.

Surely Sprint users won’t be left out, right? Right. The Note 4, Edge and Gear VR are all going to be available on Sprint.

US Cellular has announced it will be selling the Note 4, and has even revealed an October release.

Exact pricing and release information is still hard to come by, but you can bet around $299 on-contract and in October are good bets.

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  • Wendy

    What’s your guess for off contract pricing?

  • Richard Yarrell

    What more needs to be said today. The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge arrives and destroys any and all in it’s path not to mention the Gear S.

    Shut down all other events for the rest of the week. We won’t even discuss the Gear VR nothing else will come close to that for a long while.

    It’s pretty plain and definitely simply nothing else matters period.

    • snowbdr89

      Nothing else matters n neither do you or your worthless comments!!

    • Richard Farrell

      iPhone 6 will outsell this plastic device

  • Princessa

    mmm not a bad phone. Pros: Amoled screen, Multiwindows mode, good design, thin and confortable
    Cons: Not waterproof, not more battery power, pen (I dont like the pen, I always use the phone with one hand and in the tube, i dont want to take the pen off al the time)
    I will wait till next week to see what Apple has to tell us. By the moment the specs of iPhone 6 do not look so great at all:
    Do you think they will surprise us? I doubt it :(

  • Principe

    Well I like the edge and I am thinking to leave my Iphone 5s for this one.

    Iphone is now Iamdone

    Sad that even the 6 is no match to the note series. Paying for so much for what!

    Even next week I don’t care what Apple is introducing.

  • Mark Ray

    I was looking foe the official Galaxy Note 4 cases, however, the same as every year, all new S View and LED cover are not that protective. Although, I liked all of them, but the problem with official Samsung cases that they are not protective at all. The flip cover doesn’t have clasp to securely attach it to the screen, so in case you dropped the phone, the flip may opens up mid-air leaving your 5.7″ screen in real risk. From what’s available on the market, I’ll go for Spigen Neo Hybrid or i-Blason Armor