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HTC RECamera revealed in images ahead of October 8 event


Well, it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait until October 8 to get a good look at HTC’s “something remarkable” that’s going to be shown on October 8.

A pair of images that’ve been pulled from HTC’s RECamera site have leaked out this evening. Discovered by Reddit user fodawim, one image shows the RECamera strapped to a user’s backpack strap, while the second image depicts a woman pointing the camera at herself.

While these images don’t reveal information related to the RECamera’s features or price, they do give us a clear look at HTC’s upcoming camera. It looks like a pretty simple device that should be easy to carry around and use for capturing quick selfies and other moments. If HTC can price the RECamera affordably, it could be a cheap alternative to a GoPro for folks that want an easy-to-use, go-everywhere camera.


Via: Phandroid, Reddit
Sources: RECamera (1), (2)

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