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HTC rumored to have cancelled plans to release smartwatch


Now that Android Wear is out and manufacturers have had time to make a smartwatch, we’re seeing a flood of them release. Samsung already has one on the market, along with fifty of its own Tizen-powered watches, LG has two, Motorola just released the beautiful Moto 360, and ASUS has announced one as well.

But if this rumor ends up being true, we won’t be seeing a smartwatch from HTC for a while. The company was planning to release a smartwatch, but it looks like those plans were cancelled due to high price and lack of differentiation. And that makes a lot of sense, as HTC doesn’t want to release another mediocre product for the sake of getting it out to the market (it doesn’t work well for Samsung).

On one hand, this means that HTC can’t get a foot into the door and start gaining market share. On the other, we don’t need another mediocre smartwatch on the market and HTC doesn’t need another financial failure of a device. So it’s probably for the best that it was cancelled. Though the rumored similarities to the Qualcomm Toq (like the Mirasol display) sure were interesting.

Were you excited for an HTC smartwatch? How do you think the company could have made it stand out? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Pocket Lint

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  • MitchRapp81

    Damn, the other watches all look like steaming turds compared to what the HTC one looked like. That’s too bad, I guess.

    • dead in the ferguson water

      htc is bankrupt

  • Des

    This is awesome news! Being HTC fan I am so glad that they are not getting into this stupid market. Seriously, a smart watch is the stupidest idea and another useless gimmick device.

    I don’t underbelly why some one needs to read a text on such a small screen when they can simply pull their phone from their pocket.
    Music player through Bluetooth headset phones? Again use your phone.
    It us just an extension of your phone screen. Are people seriously that lazy to pull out their phone to look at it? .
    A friend has a Gear and she receives a text. Looks at her gear and then pulls out her phone to respond! Seriously!, these things are a joke!

    • Des

      That was supposed to read,… Understand, not underbelly.

      • SGB101

        The Underbelly is a great show. Look it up.

        It’s a shame tho ad the toq was really interesting. But would look antiquated compared to lcd/wear.

        I’m sure if there is a market, HTC can enter the market with a great design and Android wear, with the sensors people are asking for, for a fraction of the cost of R&D on an unproven market.

        I’d rather they just concentrate on mating 2 phones a year, a hero style and moto g competitor.

    • Eric Wedel

      Presently wearing a Pebble which works great. Originally got it because I was curious, and also wanted something thinner than a Casio G-Shock. Found that the Pebble’s a lot of fun, easy to customize and a boatload of faces / apps available.

      7 days on one charge, and an always-on screen that reads at least as well in sunlight as it does indoors.

      Personally I don’t use it for messaging, though it is claimed that this allows you to discreetly check messages in situations like meetings where pulling out a phone is bad form. That would apply equally to the newer watches.

      But this newer crop of Android and Tizen-based watches have touchscreens, color displays, and one or maybe two day battery life. They also appear to require Android 4.3 or newer to pair with (dunno about iOS).

      Played with the Gear 2 briefly and was not impressed by its native UI. Haven’t tried an Android[wear] watch yet. Would have to be pretty good to overcome the frequent charging though. I also suspect, but haven’t verified, that sunlight readability will be an issue.

  • nour

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