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HTC says ‘something remarkable is coming’ on October 8

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On September 10, HTC sent out invitations for their “Double Exposure” event. On the invite, a pair of women were shown taking a selfie with what is believed to be a One (M8). While the contents of the event are still up-in-the-air, it’s believed it will indeed have something to do with a camera. And now HTC is starting to tease us with a video promotion.

The video was posted to the company’s official YouTube account on Wednesday, September 24. It’s a relatively short video, measuring in at just under 40 seconds, but there’s a lot going on. We’re shown a device beingĀ carried around to record several different people as they partake in different activities. That includes antics with a soccer ball, a selfie moment and instrument playing.

As far as the device goes that’s recording all of this video, that’s the big secret at this point. The video does seem to indicate that it could be a GoPro-like camera, though, insofar that it’s easily moved from one location to another. The camera is even used underwater, and utilized to take slow-motion video.

Within the description of the uploaded video, HTC tells all of us to visit “” on October 8, 2014, which will showcase the debut of a “remarkable new product.” As of this writing, though, there’s nothing there to look at.

At this point, it’s looking more and more likely that whatever HTC has up their sleeve, it is indeed meant to be a camera of sorts. Will it be a “camera phone,” where the main gist is that of a camera, but with a big touchscreen on the back and other smartphone features tucked inside of it? We don’t have long to wait.

What do you think HTC’s “remarkable” new device is?

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  • Nigel


    given the under-water scene

    Headset, like Google Glass equivalent given the football scene?

  • pekosROB

    Hmm, video quality ain’t bad. Interesting. Would be crazy if it were a Google Glass competitor but somehow was able to display info and a viewfinder for selfies in the lens itself!

  • hockey

    Since their inception, the HTC phones are known for their robust design, multi functionality nature, superior technology and high end business features. HTC devices hold a special position as far as the Smartphones segment of the mobile phone industry is concerned.

  • snowbdr89

    The end of dick yarrell?