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HTC’s Lock Screen is now available in the Play Store

image HTC Lock Screen

The separation of app and manufacturer continues, as HTC has just made its proprietary lock screen application, what has become so prevalent on their One-branded devices, available in the Google Play Store for download.

This isn’t the first application from HTC that has been injected into the Play Store for other, Sense-enabled devices to take advantage of. The BlinkFeed app has been available for some time now, and even HTC’s Clock app has managed to make an appearance. And now the Lock Screen app is available for download.

With the new app, users can swipe right on the Lock Screen to jump straight into BlinkFeed, or swipe left to access the Widget Home. If a user swipes up on the Lock Screen, a user will access the previously used application. The clock, weather and notifications are displayed on the Lock Screen as well.

As usual, the standalone app means that updates can land on the Lock Screen faster than with major version updates to the platform as a whole. So, hopefully new features continue to be added to HTC’s app.

Update: As noted in the comments (thanks!), the app is meant for other HTC devices running Sense. Unfortunately, non-HTC devices don’t get to take advantage of the proprietary lock screen.


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  • Eli Gaffke

    Not available on your device… Wonder if that’s cuz I have the GS5.

  • umr

    Not available on nexus 5

  • jake

    Has the author confirmed that this app works with non-HTC phones? Mine says incompatable, and looking at the reviews I can’t find one review that mentions they are using a non-HTC phone, but plenty reviews of people saying they ARE using HTC phones. Or maybe another poster with a non-HTC phone can tell us if they can download this. I have a Galaxy S4.

    • jake

      And upon further research, I find the same to be true for the other apps the author says are available for non-HTC phones. They are also not compatable and all the reviews only mention HTC phones. Has the author(Evan, who loves tech) tested any of these on any phones?

      • jake

        And upon even further research, those other artices the author mentions about Blinkfeed and the clock never say that these are available for non-HTC phones. They just say that HTC is doing like Motorola and putting their proprietary apps in the Play store for easier updates. So the author, Evan, has no idea what he is talking about here and has written a completely untrue article for you, Android and Me. So you might want to hire an editor over there, or something.

        • Paul

          “This isn’t the first application from HTC that has been injected into the Play Store for other, Sense-enabled devices to take advantage of.”

        • Chris

          Your comment is sort of ignorant… Usually when a manufacturer puts one of their apps in an app store it’s meant to be used only with their devices. So in the future, if you read about Sony, or HTC or Samsung putting one of their apps in the Play Store.. unless it specifically says it’s compatible with devices from different companies… just assume it’s meant only for their own devices… Okie Dokie?

  • Magnus Strid

    Not available for the “HTC One M8 GPE” :/ Neither “blinkfeed, HTC clock & HTC gallery” :(

  • jake

    The Blinkfeed article specifically mentions that this is for HTC customers, by the way. You should read it, Evan, prior to referencing it, imo.

  • jamal adam

    I feel that HTC is moving in a great direction with regards to decoupling their apps and making standalone apps which can be update without the need or hassle of carriers. Hopefully by the end, HTC can have all there major features as apps that can be download but I wonder if this will lead to them providing a close to pure stock Android like the Moto devices or if they will continue to place their Sense UI on their devices. Only time will tell but I really like the direction HTC is taking. Now, if only they could provide a better camera quality and then that would seal the deal.

  • edwin

    Lol, Not available on note 3

    • jake

      That’s because it isn’t available on anything that isn’t HTC, and it’s not even available on all HTC phones either. This artilce needs to be deleted or rewritten. I’m actually surprised it still sits here unchanged, ready to mislead more unsuspecting readers.

      • jake

        Oh, nevermind. I see the article was updated.

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  • gorak

    Borgd nasihk

    • gorak