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In-app purchase price ranges will soon be visible in the Google Play Store

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At the end of the month, some changes are coming to the Play Store, and it should be a big benefit to those who want to try and avoid any exorbitant in-app purchase prices.

According to an official announcement made by Google on the developer dashboard, the search giant will start listing in-app purchase price ranges on the app’s page within the Play Store. Beginning September 30, the price ranges will be displayed within the application’s description.

What this means for anyone shopping to find a new app: if you find one you like, you’ll now be able to see right from the get-go just how much you might be able to spend within the app — even if it’s free initially. So if your new free game has any in -app purchase options, from single use cases to subscriptions, you’ll know before you get blind-sided:

“Price ranges for in-app purchases Beginning September 30, 2014, all apps offering in-app purchases to users will have an “In-app purchases” price range displayed on their detail page on Google Play. Price ranges will include in-app products and subscriptions.

If any of your apps offer paid in-app features or subscriptions, go to your app’s In-app Products page to review the prices and publishing status of your in-app items.”

It’s a minor change at face value, but for just about anyone who has ever been shocked by the in-app prices, and for parents especially, it could be pretty fantastic.

Source: Android Central

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  • BlazeHN

    Nice One, this might even make the Devs lower their prices since people will avoid apps with high cost in app purchase BEFORE downloading them and that is no good for them. For example I play Gameloft’s Dungeon Gems and its like $5 for 45 gems (premium currency) that is ridiculous.

  • Steven

    It would be helpful to also know what that IAP buys you. Does it just remove ads? Does it unlock levels? Hints? Just give you an advantage of is it necessary to actually play the game?

  • J

    They should add the average amount of $ users have spent within an app for amounts greater than $0.