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LG G Watch goes on sale, only $179

LG G Watch price drop

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Apple Watch by now. Yes, Apple has just announced its own smart watch, and it looks quite a bit like an LG G Watch (you can argue which looks better in the comments). However, with a far away release date and a crazy price tag of $350, it seems much harder to justify. And to make it even better, LG has temporarily dropped the price of the G Watch.

For fall, the LG G Watch now costs $179 on the Play Store. This is literally half of what the Apple Watch costs, which is surely no coincidence. With the Apple Watch being so ridiculously expensive, I don’t think LG could have made a better move than to put the G Watch on sale. This will surely appeal to fans of Android.

If you want to grab one, hit the source link or head to a Best Buy, which also has the device on sale. You have until September 23 to take advantage of this deal, so get on it!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Google Play

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  • david7

    its not called iWatch .. theres no i .. its the Apple Watch….

    • Dima Aryeh

      Yeah, I was just using an easy nickname. But you’re right, not a good idea to use it. Edited.

    • lynchenstein

      You’re damn classy.

  • david7 ( terminal7 )

    hooo that was fast ..

  • George Creasy

    Will this deal be equalled in the UK?

    • lynchenstein

      It’s not currently cheaper in Canada, but maybe ol Blighty will get a price break.

  • Nigel

    It is $205 by time adding shipping and tax