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Microsoft announces the Universal Mobile Keyboard, launches in October to boost productivity

image Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Bluetooth accessories are not rare when it comes to mobile devices, especially for tablets, and Microsoft has just unveiled a new contender for your hard-earned cash. The new Universal Mobile Keyboard is a low-profile, “chiclet” style keyboard meant to help you boost your productivity while you’re on the go.

The new accessory was announced via Microsoft’s official blog on Tuesday, September 16, along with a promotional video that showcases the new device in action with a wide range of devices. As the “universal” bit in the title suggests, this is a Bluetooth keyboard that’s meant to work with not only Windows/Windows Phone-based devices, but also Android and iOS devices, too.

Thankfully, Microsoft has a nice trick up their sleeve with the Universal Mobile Keyboard. With a switch at the top of the ‘board, a user can map some keys to work with specific OS-based functions, so if you switch from an Android-based tablet to an iOS-based device, your keyboard can reflect the change accordingly.

There is also a detachable stand, which means a user doesn’t have to have the tablet or phone right up against the keyboard if they don’t want to.

The keyboard has already been announced, but Microsoft says it won’t launch until October. It will have a price tag marked at $79.95.

Do you plan on picking one up?

Source: Microsoft

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