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Moto Voice update will teach your old Moto new tricks


Formerly known as Touchless Control, the Moto Voice app has been updated and brings some of the features of the new Moto X to last year’s model along with the Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx. As per usual with the Play Store, this is a rolling update and you may or may not have it quite yet.

One of my personal favorites is the ability to customize your launch phrase so you are no longer subject to people pranking your phone by saying “Ok Google” or “Ok Google Now” to access your voice commands. You can customize the phrase to anything you want, but according to Motorola employees a phrase with five syllables typically works best.¬†Unfortunately we’re hearing that this doesn’t seem to be part of the update for 2013 Moto users, so we’re looking into it¬†and will update when we have a response from Motorola.

The update also allows you to perform commands for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, with other third-party apps to come. This is in addition to voice commands that will bring up Talk to Me and other Moto modes.

Additionally, this update brings support for the Moto Hint and the Moto 360 so you can complete your Motorola ecosystem.

Beyond that they indicate there were some user experience improvements and bug fixes.

While the hardware on the new Moto X is a worthwhile step up from any of last year’s Moto devices, there is no question that the software is a huge part of the Moto experience of late and this update brings some of that new life into your “old” device, which is always welcome.

If you have the update, let us know what you think.


Via: Android Central

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  • Trobing

    Received an update for Moto Voice today, but I don’t think custom launch phrase for 1st Gen Moto X is part of this update just yet.

    • Sean Riley

      I’ll ping Motorola and see if I can get a response, my understanding was that the custom phrase would be able to run on last year’s devices, but perhaps that is a future update.

  • jboyed1999

    Don’t have any of the new features i have the latest update so maybe there is a OTA coming soon?

  • hueson24

    Just updated Moto Voice today on my “old” Moto X and I can’t use a custom launch phrase either. Really want to be able to say “Okay J.A.R.V.IS” as some of the other Motorola employees are using. Can’t wait! =D

  • Eyebolt

    Yep…no changing of the phrase on the Droid Maxx…however, I was able to say the Play so and so on youtube.

  • ruchika

    My moto voice seem to be not working !my phone was speaking and letting me know about the incoming calls but that feature is not working any more …I use moto X …kindly help!

  • Abhinav Prakash

    So much wait for the personal launch phrase. No such ability with the new update though. What a disappointment. Personally I don’t see any difference with the update.

  • teddyb

    Yea they need to fix this Asap..
    Looks bad on them