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Moto X orders are being delayed, 32GB option unavailable


Just a couple days ago we wrote an article commending Motorola for not botching the release of the 2014 Moto X like they had the previous generation. But it appears we may have jumped the gun.

According to Droid-Life founder Kellex, he received an email to address a delay in his Moto X shipment and he is not alone. The email says that Motorola is, “getting a large number of orders causing some delays.” Exactly what is causing this delay, and why it appears to be affecting a large number of people, we have no idea. But that’s not all.

On Motorola’s website, there isn’t even an option for some people to backorder a 32GB model of the new Moto X. Instead, they are being told to downsize to 16GB. Ouch.

We really wanted Motorola to get the whole release process down this time. The Moto X is the phone to beat this year, hardware and software included. But if you can’t even buy the darn thing, what good does that do anyone? Hopefully Motorola figures this out before too long.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • rb

    That doesn’t bode to we’ll if they are the nexus (x)(6) suppliers. If they can’t get their own model’s production on track….

    • Simon Carter

      Would rather get the one plus one phone, amazing specs and only £269 for the 64gb version.

      • Paximos

        OnePlus Zero….oops, OnePlus One sucks period.

    • Tom

      Moto X has been a nightmare with me and Verizon. Some Verizon employees did not know the new upgrade was only for consumer accounts and not business accounts/ I could never order one for over a week and was told from Motorola that Verizon made this stupid stipulation. this was after a week trying to get someone to help me order the 32 GB version. I have a business account but am I not a consumer. After a 10 day span Verizon had what I wanted and sent it overnight delivery. It was never shipped. Verizon get your head out of your.

  • Addy Alago

    Moto x site ran my credit, then looped back to the beginning. a) why is my credit being run when I’m an existing verizon customer b) now my credit was run for no reason and assumably will need to be run again before i can buy it. Im freaking livid.

  • jol

    The website has definitely had a lot of bugs. In order to save and share designs, I was prompted to create an account, which I did. But then there didn’t turn out to be a “save” button at all and the share link simply routed you back to the home page.
    When the Verizon phones went live, “sign in” broke, routing back to the home page, and building as a guest constantly reset at step 4 or 5. They had it fixed by the next day, but the wait time to receive the phone had tripled.
    Moto maker is an awesome idea, but they don’t seem very concerned about getting it right. Chatting with their tech support was comical. The responses I got was on par with “sorry bro”. Definitely not encouraging.

  • SEPepper (@sepepper)

    Why they didn’t at least include the very basic design feature of an external micro SD memory card slot, is to me a HUGE oversight by Motorola. That would at least offer an alternative to the “16 GB max” issue. But NOOOOOOOOO!

  • ecp1141

    Why is it if Motorola delays orders, it is assailed as a big problem, but when Apple extends shipments out to Thanksgiving its hailed as evidence of how great the iPhone is?

    • alex

      Not true. It is still I problem and people do complain. Doesn’t matter how good or bad a phone is. Also, Apple always gets more shit for the smallest thing because they are the bigger company. Find articles on Apple vs Motorola.

  • Jeff Miller

    I think I am aware what the issues are as I had nothing but problems getting notifications on the status of my order:

    1. Activations are actually not performed by Motorola – they are handled by Best Buy Activations. The communications between these two entities is atrocious.

    2. “Activations Team” advised me there was a “time out” in the communication between Motorola’s systems and the activation PC. As a result my order was delayed.

    3. The Motorola “online chat team” has no access to actual order systems or records. They need to ask you to wait while they phone the other department and check on status.

    With such disparate and disjointed systems, coupled with increased demand caused by what truly is a better phone than the first model, consumers can expect nothing but problems.

  • Dev1359

    This shouldn’t really be much of a surprise imo, with such a highly customizable device at the assembly stage of the production level there are usually bound to be supply chain problems, especially with a mass produced product facing high demand like the Moto X.

  • thomas

    yup. Motorola charged my credit card. Then sent me an email about a week ago that phone is being assembled and now told me it is out of stock. which just tells me they were lying when they told me it is being assembled. Also, I am shocked that they charged my card but do not have the device. Thinking about selling something super cheap on ebay, charging the person the amount and then telling them I have shipment issues and delivery is postponed indefinitely but i still charge your card because you ordered the device.

  • Jerry

    Its back on! i just check the moto x maker site, you can now order the 32gb

  • yes

    how stupid you have to be to make a 16GB version without a SD slot in a fking _2014_. it’s not 2005 anymore.

  • Najam Singh

    When moto x 32 gb will be available in india? Plz reply fast…