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Motorola livestream starting at 1:30 Central time tomorrow

Moto Event

Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this post we incorrectly indicated the livestream was taking place today.

If you follow us on Twitter or Google+ you know that we’ve been lead around the Motorola HQ in Chicago this morning getting to know the story behind Motorola’s many new products.

We’ll have our first impressions for you in due time, but if you want to see for yourself what Motorola is bringing to market over the coming months you can tune into their livestream at 1:30 PM Central time tomorrow and you can even pose questions using #askmoto.

Update: there was some confusion surrounding this post. The livestream is meant to take place tomorrow where Motorola will show off what is being announced today.

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  • dukenilnil

    They also said they will “unveil” the new products on twitter (@motorola) at 1AM CT.
    What I want to know is if I will be able to order/pre-order products then (thus maybe stay up) or if I can sleep in that day as it will just be info I can peruse in the morning.

  • DrBoreX

    Livestream claims it will start on 1:30… but tomorrow…

  • Johnny Rotten

    The time was right but the day is wrong, way to get my hopes up you twit

  • Brad

    the countdown says one day from now

  • cj100570

    This post is a bucket full of fail.

  • Sean Riley

    It is indeed at 1:30 pm Central tomorrow. Sorry, I’ve been up since 2:30 this morning to get down to the event and apparently wasn’t thinking straight anymore.