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Motorola offering students $50 off the new Moto X


If you have an .edu address then you qualify for a $50 discount on the off contract Moto X (Pure Edition) when it goes up for pre-order tomorrow. You do need to have current access to the .edu address, though, as Motorola will be sending a promo code to that address that you can apply during the pre-order.

The Moto X is already one of the better values on the smartphone market at $499, so at $449 I can’t recommend it enough. And getting the carrier-free version is definitely the way to go if you can in order to avoid AT&T and Verizon’s bloatware.

This offer does allow you to customize with Moto Maker, which I had a lot of fun with on my original Moto X. One of the new leather backs would be pretty tempting to me, but the bamboo on my review unit looks and feels fantastic too, so I’m not sure if there are any bad options.

If you’ve got a .edu email address and want to be one of the first with Motorola’s latest, hit up the source link to get your discount code so you are ready to get that pre-order in tomorrow.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Motorola

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  • tolucafreak

    Is the Pure version going to work on TMO, VZW, SPR, and ATT??

    • Sean Riley

      Yes to T-mo and AT&T, no to VZW and Sprint.

      • Dave

        Thank you THANK YOU! I been tryna figure that out for the longest! This is great! I was looking for a discount, I’m probably just gonna order it.

      • tolucafreak

        Dang that sucks. Kinda didn’t want the VZW bloatware…