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Motorola ‘Shamu’ Nexus purportedly appears again in ‘About phone’ screen leak


Can’t get enough of the Motorola Shamu? Apparently this is your week, because after getting a mock-up of the device and then seeing its backside, another image has leaked that may give us a glimpse at its screen.

A photo that claims to show the “About phone” screen of the Motorola Shamu has surfaced in the Droid-Life comments. The display shows that the device identifies itself as “AOSP on Shamu” that’s running Android L. The kernel that it’s running originates from Google and was made in late August.

Looking at the body of the Motorola Shamu, we can see in the brightened image on the right that its got rounded edges. The upper left corner and bottom of the unit show Motorola prototype logos that we’ve seen on previously-leaked hardware.

I think we all kind of expected the Motorola Shamu to come preloaded with Android L, so today’s leak doesn’t reveal a ton in the way of new information about the whale of a device. It does add support to the rumors that the Shamu is a Google-backed Nexus, though, so we’re not going to complain about this leak.

Now that it seems as though the pieces of the Motorola Shamu puzzle are coming together, are you getting excited for the device?

Via: Android Police

Source: Droid-Life

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  • 99steve

    If this nexus shamu ends up being 6 inches, I will definitely consider it over the Note 4. I think they should have 2 sizes of nexus5 and 6 inch

    • duffguy123

      I agree about the nexus 6 and a newer nexus 5 (nexus 5.1?) as I want a phone about the same dimensions as my nexus 5.

  • Jacob Gamez

    These photo leaks are 10x more sexy then the celeb ones.

    • BlazeHN

      We are so nerd man :E

      Agreed btw.

  • Santos

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  • Nate B.

    Anything bigger than my Note 3 is just to big man. I think there is more to it if it is this big. Maybe L has more features and functionality than we know or, two variants? Idk.

  • Stu

    The word “purportedly” should never appear in a headline, ever.

  • Lawrence Hall

    The white settings menu is a turn off. It may seem petty, but i hate all the white on screens.

  • sere83

    Far Far too big and too ugly, first time i’ve been genuinely disappointed by a nexus phone. Those cheap tacky looking speakers are just an abomination.

  • icstont

    ugly :/ yahh

  • hockey

    The Motorola Shamu has taken a gap in the market which has, until now, remained relatively untouched. It caters for those who want full smartphone functionality but in a more durable device than this technology is usually associated with.