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Motorola’s Nexus 6 has leaked and the 5.9-inch display is real

Nexus 6 Leak

The Nexus 6, constructed by Motorola and Google, has just received the leak treatment from Android Police. Rumors and leaks regarding the Nexus 6 have been in abundance, but this is by far the largest leak we’ve seen yet. Starting with the physicals of the device, the above render reveals that the rumored 5.9-inch display is real and looks just as massive as expected. Also on the front, we can see two black front-facing speakers and a front-facing camera. On the right side, you can just barely see the outlines of a power button and volume rocker.

Continuing on the hardware, the phone is essentially an upsized Moto X in terms of design. The sides will contain the same aluminum trim and the back will be identical to the standard Moto X. The same 13-megapixel camera with OIS and ring flash will be present and the front camera will be 2 megapixels. The 5.9-inch display carries a QHD resolution and a PPI of 496. To keep it going, the Nexus 6 packs in a 3200+ mAh battery, and knowing Motorola, will probably offer great battery life. It should also be noted that the phone will be capable of using Motorola’s Turbo Charger.

Looking at the software, we can see Android L (5.0) with redesigned icons that use Material Design. A new folder holds the Google Drive suite of apps, suggesting that the family will be pushed more with the next release of Android. Curiously, there appears to be a messaging icon next to the dialer. If you’ll remember, the Nexus 5 ditched the dedicated messaging app and used Hangouts as the default messaging app for the phone. Unless this is a rebrand of Hangouts, we could see the messaging app making a return. Unless, of course, it was simply a mix-up in the concept photo.

While the Nexus 6 has the potential for greatness, we’re forced to wonder about the size. The large 5.9-inch display and gargantuan form factor are sure to be off-putting to some. Additionally, there haven’t been any leaks of a smaller Nexus 6 device to accompany it, so this could be the only Nexus phone arriving this year. We’ll have to wait and see what Google does, but this could signal a change in the Nexus line. And possibly one that won’t be found popular.

What are your thoughts on the leak?

Source: Android Police

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  • riskay

    I had hoped to upgrade from Nexus 4 to 6, but won’t if this is correct.

    • waiting for nexus 7

      5.9 inches? thats the size of an asian d1ck. I dont wanna hold one.

      • Esmaldo

        5.9 inches? thats the size of an asian d1ck. I dont wanna hold one.

        I agree.

    • Richard Yarrell

      All I can do is LAUGH real hard at this pitiful stock android fake wanna be phablet offering.

      Let’s keep it real stock android is pitifully boring, uneventful, drastically overrated pretty comical in my mind.

      Now GOOGLE wants to venture off into the Phablet category made prominent by Samsung and it’s unmatched Galaxy Note line products it’s a sad mismatch to say the least.

      • squiddy20

        Yay. More of the same drivel that you’ve been saying for the past few years. Broken record much?

    • Richard Yarrell

      I’m enjoying the stock android holier than thou Nexus socialist fanboy misery.

      These no money spending fools will have to come up with real cash this year no more price breaks or group discounts any longer.

      Nexus 6 won’t bring shit to the table nothing more than a big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE or true multitasking/productivity abilities.

      • squiddy20

        1. Based on your continual usage of the word “socialist”, you clearly don’t know what it means, and I find that hilarious. You try to sound intelligent with your somewhat big words, but really it just makes you look all the more stupid.
        2. Just because some of us want to save some money does not make us “poor” or “bums”. Or have you already forgotten just 7 or so years ago when you were homeless and living on the streets of NYC until the Bowery Mission took you in? And now you’re “Mr. Big Shot” because you can “afford to get [less than $800] devices yearly whenever [you] want”. What a joke.
        3. The Nexus 6′s purpose is just like any other Android device: make phone calls, do web browsing, utilize apps, etc. Just like Samsung phones. So much for “no purpose”.

      • snowbdr89

        Dick how could you enjoy stock android on an unrooted Samsung?

  • Courtney Sampson

    Sounds like a great device. Loving the potential battery life. Im just not a fan of the huge screen but who knows, maybe it’ll feel great in my hands.

    • Ardrid

      I’m in the same boat as you. Was hoping to upgrade my Nexus 4 to a Nexus 6; doesn’t look like that’ll happen at this point. I’ll give the Nexus 6 a try before I pass final judgment but I’m not hopeful…

      • Ardrid

        Not sure what happened there. Was supposed to be a reply to riskay.

      • Max

        If this is true, I’ll be more likely to get an iPhone as I won’t get a skinned Android. Might as well join the bandwagon as everyone I know and meet has iPhone. In the long run, probably will make my life easier…

        • tmoore4075

          My Nexus 4 was starting to freak out, and I could wait for the Nexus X/6, so was planning on an iPhone 6 as a bridge device, waiting for this. It’s nice, but I miss a lot of things with Android and Google being so intertwined. At 5.9 inches, don’t think I can go for this, but we’ll see when it comes out. The Moto X is nice but not great. And I’m with you, won’t go skinned phones. Wish I could piss away $700 for the eventual Google Play GS5 but, that won’t happen.

  • jamal adam

    Well, it’s time to start saving some money because I already want this. Those are some great specs and with the addition of Android L (5.0), this will be a truly amazing phone. I guess that only concern would be with regards to the size especially since it’s going to be 5.9″ otherwise this is awesome.

  • Instrumentals

    Ill be in the minority and get this for sure, I have the Note 3 so im used to these big phones and I want to go back to stock android.

    • Dirty Budha

      If the Nexus line has expandable memory I’d ditch my Note 3 in a heartbeat. It’s the main reason I refuse to buy one. Otherwise, this is RIGHT up the alley of what I want; vanilla android, large screen, fantastic android support. Of course, I’d have to buy a stylus to go with it but that’s easily done these days.

  • Ryan West

    This is not a leaked image, the original post clearly states “Based on the information we’ve seen, I’ve put together this image that depicts – as faithfully as possible – what the Nexus 6 will look like.”

    This is a concept rendering done by a fan.

    • Nate B.

      There was a real image with it showing next to a LG 3 and it was much bigger.

    • hp420

      When AP do concept pics, they are always based on actual leaked images. If you ask, they will confirm….they do this to protect the identity of the leaker because something in the pic would give that away. AP’s concept pics are intended to be as close to an actual representation to the real deal as can be done….not what they hope for, or what they think it will/should look like, but what it actually DOES look like.

  • Nate B.

    A few companies did the big and small theme this year. I wouldn’t be to surprised if this was the theme this year for Google. I just don’t see the reason for a dramatic bump in screen size. I have a Note 3 which is 5.7 inches. So .2 inches and the combination of small bezels that Moto uses, I don’t have much to complain about, but it’s still not something I would hope for. Are there some L software features we don’t know about that can take advantage of this screen size? I’m gonna go on a limb and say Google is doing the big and small theme this year.

    • Nate B.

      I also wanna know if they just assume it’ll have front facing speakers because of what it looks like. I say that because people thought and still mistake the new Moto X for this feature, but only one is a speaker.

      • hp420

        this :)

  • BlazeHN

    Currently I have the Note 3 (5.7″) and I kind of wish it were 5.5″ instead, sometimes I “almost” can go fully one hand use but just for a little bit I cant and I need to use my both hands, 5.9″ would be way out of the league already, but maybe they get very thin bezels to make it better.

  • Louis A

    I really hope they make a 5 inches version or are they gonna tell us if you want a smaller version go buy the Moto X 2?

    • hp420

      I think you just answered your own question….besides, isn’t a moto x really almost a nexus anyway? At least in the sense that it runs aosp with very subtle changes…barely any at all.

      • Guest

        It’s gotten good reviews and has some features that should be standard Android. But cameras are integral to the way people use smartphones these days and Androids, Nexus bad cameras lead people to iPhones

        • tmoore4075

          Yeah, battery is so-so from what I’ve read and batter life is the same. Those are two of my biggest wants in terms of hardware.

          • hp420

            seriously, anyone who comes on these sites and doesn’t install a custom kernel to improve battery life has absolutely no right to complain. you know the solution, you know where and how to get it. if you don’t do it you only have yourself to blame.

  • Eric G

    I like the size, I have a Note 3 and was looking forward to the Note 4 being a little bigger. I just wish they added a sd card slot, I have a 128gb card for a reason.

    • hp420

      You will NEVER get an SD slot in a Nexus again. It’s been repeated and beaten to death…Google is 100% adamant on that fact. They feel like an extra storage partition being present just mucks everything up…and as much as I’d love expandable storage, I agree with them.

  • steph

    damn… i already own a nexus 7 tab
    it will be like having two tabs

  • steve

    I love it baby. I am using a 6.4 Sony ultra so I would be happy with that. Great job goggle, I love it. 64gb for 400$ and it will be awesome. I guess good bye note 4

  • steve

    Google should just offer a Motorola with Google play edition. There you have it a 5.2 inch nexus

    • Héctor

      Only a handful of countries sell play editions. Plus, moto x has a sucky camera.

  • Rising33

    That fact this phone has great specs and has stock android doesnt justify calling it the next Nexus phone regardless of how good it may be or how it suites some people. I mean lets face it, some people like big phones and others well stick to the average sized phones. Personally when it comes to phone size 5.2 – 5.5 inches is my comfort zone. My only gripe is calling this phone a Nexus, nah doesnt resemble a Nexus at all. Good phone though for those that like big phones and have large enough hands to comfortably use them.

    • steve

      That’s exactly what nexus means. Top of line specs with new androud softwa

  • Gianni Barberi

    The strategy is clear: the number of a Nexus device refers to the size, not the generation.
    So, talking of a smaller Nexus 6 is nonsense, they’re not apples!
    There will be a new Nexus 5, like the 7, which came in 2 models year.
    And I think it’s a wonderful system, given how is difficult for the average customer (and sales rep…) the underhand the lineup.

    • hp420

      Are we still having this conversation? Who cares??

  • Héctor

    I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  • vasras

    Now that is a FATfone, not even a phablet anymore.

    BTW, screen size is a factor in the battery life. I don’t think that 3200 mAh will go that super far.

    Also, there S5 pulls out more time per mAh than any moto does, so there is nothing special about Moto battery life, just a bigger capacity on the maxx model.

  • Alan

    The “smaller” version is called the Droid Maxx, and I’ve already got one. It’s fantastic.

    • steve

      So your Motorola was creleased with Android L 5.0 stock?

  • piwkosz

    nice one !

  • Guest

    Way too big…but no one outside blog readers know Nexus even exists. As Jr Raphael wrote in his CNET review of Moto X, Android phones have features that people would swoon over if they were on iPhones, but no one knows about them. Dissapointing since I’d only get a Nexus or finally switch to ios and hope I’d get used to it. Guess Google is sending a message If they don’t offer two sizes like Apple. But then despite its traditionally low, consumer friendly price, Google has always maintained this as a Developer phone, not one targeted for the masses

    • steve

      Every major carrier sells one. People know

    • rank78

      While I would prefer a smaller option to this phablet, Apple JUST started selling 2 options while there have been options on Android for years. I don’t see many people leaving Android for Apple for a lack of larger screen when they can choose between the Nexus 6, Note 4, HTC One Max, Galaxy Mega, Xperia Z Ultra, etc.

  • tmoore4075

    Why do Android phones just get bigger and bigger? I mean big is good, but this is getting stupid big, imo. Around 5 inches would be ok, but 6? I like the big battery, but you can find a way to get a big battery into a 5 or 5.2 inch screen too. Quad HD scares me because of being a battery hog, even with the reported battery. The G3 sucked big balls when it came to batter life and had one of the biggest batteries out there. We’ll see.

  • Lawrence Hall

    Well this is a bit of a disappointment. I was waiting all this time for the Nexus and its really gonna be that monster size. I already have a Nexus 7 2013. This seems like it will be to close in size.

    So i don’t want to get a smart watch, the HTC nexus tab, and carry this beast in my pocket. Might have to get the updated HTC One, if it comes to tmo.

  • Brett Jones

    Definitely buying this!

    Having a bigger screen is only a dream come true!

  • Bob

    Probably be a great phone. Shame that the first thing reviewers will do is bend it like the iPhone and do a comparison.
    Too Big. REALLY hope they come out with Nexus 5 2014. I’m also a Nexus 4 owner who has been patiently waiting for this release.

  • Davix0

    This is ridiculous why must we keep making phones so large it makes no sense at 5.5 it was large enough and now 5.9 why? Might as well get a tablet with lte and use that as your phone because that’s what this phone is going to look like no good Google

  • Alba

    I don’t care whether it is real or fake. I think most of Android lovers are agree with the fact that it is difficult to handle 5.9 inch screen based any Smartphone. However, the maximum size up to 5.5 inch is still comfortable and fit easily in palm. Well, I consider myself as a gadget geek and recently purchased a Multi Port USB Charger that can charge up to 6 Android as well as iOS based Smartphones simultaneously in any ratio with rapid charging and auto detection feature. The charger has capacity of 10Amp and Power of 50W.

  • Epiktetus

    My bet is that there will be a nexus 5 Refresh coming along with this new 6, just like they have done with the tablet line. Who knows, they might even bring back the 4 inch.

  • kelly smith

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  • larry

    I’ve been holding off on an upgrade because unwanted the nexus 6 but I’ll look at other options if its that big.

  • royaljoker248

    I have been coming on android and me for four years. I only come around August to November for the sole fact of the nexus rumors and the sale of the nexus. I have gotten one every single year and have loved every one. I will be getting this phone I don’t care how big it is for that price and those specs and the vanilla android. I also have big hands and I use my phone for everyday work and from everything to GPS google maps on the way to work or to find a awesome restaurant in town too playing the newest and greatest games on android to showing my friends YouTube videos. I love technology and how phones have been evolving throughout the years. The front facing speaker(s) also has me excited and I’m writing from the nexus 5 and my phone can’t last a entire day. This phone seems bigger, better, lasts longer, more power, better internals. I don’t get why people are also griping about a phones perfect size is this and that. If no ones actually noticed these aren’t just phones anymore we are talking on mini computers. Anyways nexus 6 nexus 7 nexus 38 I’m buying. Google take my money

  • nathaniel hudson

    The msging icon isn’t a rebrand of hangouts, if you look in the Google folder on the screen there you can see the top of the real hangouts icon.