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New Moto X features to trickle down to old devices if hardware allows it

Motorola Moto X

Motorola has been killing it with updates for the past year. As soon as a new version of Android would come out, Motorola would soon start rolling it out to its Moto X and even Moto G devices. It was incredibly quick, even beating out the Nexus 4 once. However, the new line of Motorola products has been announced and it has come with a lot of new features not available in the old.

Luckily, Motorola will be keeping to its awesome reputation and bringing a lot of the new software features to the old devices.

And better still, all that software will come to all our existing users too (as long as the Hardware allows it)Punit SoniMotorola

This bodes well for Moto X, Moto G and Moto E users. Though the newly-announced Moto X is far better than its predecessor, getting some of those software features without a new purchase will be pretty sweet. Things like the new Active Display and Touchless Control will be coming to the Moto X, while other features like an updated Moto Assist will come to the other devices.

This is seriously an amazing thing for Motorola to do. We just hope that these software features will come soon and not get delayed half a year. Will you be buying a new Moto X or does this news make you want to stick with your old one?

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  • Steve

    Very nice. I remember when i was using a note 2 and when it was updated to jellybean 4.3, the note 2 didnt get the note 3 features eventhough the original note got the note 2 features when updated. So i had to flash Dn3 on my note 2 because note 3 features was ported on the custom rom, so samsung could have done it, but were woried about losing potentiel sales from note 2 folks upgrading to the third. Go Motorola. Except get rid of that locked bootloader that fries your phone if you put cuztom rom on. What’s that all about?

  • Maurice Griffin

    Luckily these updates shouldn’t take too long at all, as Motorola pushes updates for these features through the Play Store instead of waiting for carrier delayed updates. (Which aren’t too delayed for these devices either)

  • charlie88

    :@ Yes, I’m looking at you Sony!

  • nour

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