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OnePlus One pre-order system coming in late October


Despite some unfortunate PR here and there, the OnePlus One has been a hot device this summer due to the inexpensive price of the relatively high-end hardware. Perhaps contributing to some of the OnePlus One mania (within a certain subset of Android users anyway) was the scarcity of the device: the only way to purchase it was by receiving an invite.

Despite the recent news that their StyleSwap cover plans have been scrapped, things are apparently looking up for OnePlus, as they are finally prepared to open the floodgates (a bit) in late October by moving to a pre-order system. Interestingly, the invite system will remain in place and allow you to line jump those that have placed a pre-order, so the bitter complaining about invites will persist a bit.

As with all things OnePlus, this isn’t exactly a normal pre-order system in that they won’t just continuously accept pre-orders. Instead, there will be windows of opportunity for you to make a pre-order and if you get in early on that window, you will likely have a device shipping almost immediately. Those that hit later in the pre-order window will receive an estimated ship date before they actually submit their payment.

I don’t think there’s any question that OnePlus are producing this hardware on slim margins, which necessitates having guaranteed sales before producing more phones, but at the same time these convoluted ordering systems do feel like a sales tactic. But hey ,it does seem to be working for them, so I can’t really fault them for continuing with it.

At this point the real problem for them is likely to be the new options available by the end of October/November, and in particular a new Nexus phone that would be targeting a similar demographic.

Are any of you still looking to get your hands on a OnePlus One? If so, what do you think of the pre-order system?

Source: OnePlus

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  • Diabsoud

    Who is OnePlus One?

    • Occasional_Undertaker

      People who haven’t lived in a shallow grave for the past 8 months would tell you that the OnePlus One is a high-end smartphone, sans the cost of a high-end smartphone. HTH :-)

    • jamal adam

      Synopsis: Some Oppo employees quit jobs, start new company called OnePlus, make a no compromise high end smartphone (One Plus One) at a ridiculous price (ridiculous meaning amazing), slogan “Never Settle”, not the best PR, invite only purchases, etc.

  • Infinite

    I am glad to see that things are looking up for the one plus. I personally like what it offers but have moved on and enjoying my LG G3! That said, am keeping an eye on their progress and maybe will catch the next model.

  • jamal adam

    I’ve wanted one for so long but at this point I think I’ll wait for the Nexus 6 to come out.

  • Sean

    Too little, too late. The ship has sailed.

    • Steve Barry

      Gotta agree. They were the hot thing for a bit, but with the Nexus program seemingly continuing, I don’t see the benefit here.

      As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Theirs was…sub-par at best. Never make it tough for people to give you money.

  • BlazeHN

    Well, a good step into the correct road there. Maybe on the future I will be interested again on some OnePlus Two?

  • NamelessTed

    It really is a shame One Plus wasn’t able to actually deliver on their first phone. It was a phone that I was legitimately interested in for a while since I had been looking to upgrade my Nexus 4 for a while but was just never able to get a preorder until there was already something else that was a more appealing phone for me.

    My Nexus 4 just broke last week and I was lucky that the new Moto G launched at the perfect time as I would have likely purchased the first gen Moto G as a temporary device. At this point I am planning on buying a new Moto X within a couple of months and then just keep this Moto G as my backup in case of catastrophe.

  • o

    so announced in April, and taking pre-orders in October. that’s a monumental fail. considering there’s a 12mth refresh rate on flagships, that likely means that the poor saps who finally get their 1+’s in November will have them a matter of months before they announce the 2.

  • anonymous

    I love how people complain about how they’ve given up and downplay oneplus, but they will be the first to jump on it when it’s available.

  • Brett Putman

    I had a OnePlus One and it was not a good phone, plus the customer service was miserable. I have since sold it and went back to my HTC One (M8), which is a wonderful device. If any of you guys are looking buy put in a pre-order, whenever that actually becomes a possibility, just know that there are several reasons why the phone is suspiciously cheap. My device suffered from a discolored screen, weird software freezes that would cause me to reboot, poor battery life, and the device heating up to higher than normal temperatures randomly.

  • Guy.

    Okay, so I have a couple of questions:

    1. Will the price change at all when opo adopts the preorder system?

    2. What’s the exact date of launch for preordering?

    3. Is it true that the 2 is coming out a couple months after they launch the preorder system?

    4. I see a lot of people negatively criticizing the opo, even though it seems to be a good phone. Can someone who knows phones, (And/or has or has had the opo) objectively tell me if it’s a good phone or not? Pros and cons? Ups and downs? Is it worth it? Thanks.