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PSA: Keep checking Moto 360 retailers if you’re having a hard time finding the device


We don’t know if Motorola severely underestimated demand or if the Moto 360 is really as popular as it seems, but either way, getting your hands on the round Android Wear smartwatch can be kind of a hassle. Fortunately for those of you who have been trying, it seems that finding one isn’t entirely impossible.

After being listed as out of stock on Google Play, the Moto 360 in black leather is available once again and set to ship September 22. This could change again at any moment, so keep checking Google Play and Motorola’s own website for the Moto 360 to become available. You can bet Motorola is working hard to keep up with demand, and you never know when a new batch will appear and possibly instantly sell out.

We’ll keep you updated on the blog and on our social media networks through Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, but make sure to keep your own eyes peeled. Are you still having a hard time getting a hold of the Moto 360? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google Play

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  • mandream

    After seeing this post, I checked the Play store and it wasn’t available. Went back about 5 minutes later, showed available and snagged one. Shipping 9/22 – but hoping it will actually be sooner.

    • Jeff U

      My local best buy has then in stock right now, if anyone is near Santa Clarita CA

  • Jay

    I saw it last night (September 9th) and was able to put it in my cart and order it even though I didn’t have the money. I have the money now, and naturally, it hasn’t been in stock all day. I am reloading the page like a jerk right now. Wish me luck.