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Samsung describes Galaxy Note Edge as a ‘limited concept’

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There’s no question that the Galaxy Note Edge is a unique device thanks to its display that curves on one side, offering a unique way to access apps and a ticker of information. What remains to be seen is whether that unique feature is attractive to consumers. Samsung knows this and has acknowledged that the Edge is a concept for now.

Samsung Electronics president DJ Lee has said that the Galaxy Note Edge is a “limited concept” phone and rather than a device that’ll be mass produced. That suggests that the Note Edge will be somewhat limited in availability, especially compared to the Note 4.

While the Note Edge’s curved display is definitely something that we don’t often see in the smartphone world, that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be a success. Plus, I’m sure that it can’t be super easy to manufacture those curved screens. If the Note Edge does take off, Samsung could make its successor more widely available.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note Edge? Do you plan on checking it out when it finally launches?

Via: Android Central

Source: ZDNet Korea

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  • Bart

    One word describes the Edge: Gimmick

    • cj100570

      The Galaxy Note and the S Pen were referred to as gimmicks also, so were touchscreens, so were phones bigger than 3.5″, etc. Today’s gimmicks have a way of becoming tomorrow’s standard features.

      • Xer0

        First off at the time it was an emerging market, now it’s a mature market.
        Secondly, the SPen (stylus) has been around for over a decade, the large phone wasn’t so much a gimmick as it was a market direction test, which proved fruitful. Larger phones have always been a request from end users. Having a edge display hasn’t been a substantial request, and this observation is from decades of the hospital research and use.

        This is a true gimmick, it will have very limited uses, very limited developer adoption, you will need to use samsung apps to take advantage of the ticker. If your like me and use 3rd party everything, then the edge side will offer absolutely no benefit other than forcing you to be extra cautious with your phone.


        • Bart

          I have owned the Note2, and have had the Note3 since launch. My wife just got her upgrade, a Galaxy S5. So I do like, even prefer, Samsung products over LG, HTC and Apple. However, I still feel the Edge is a gimmick.

      • Dee

        Well said, I agree a hundred percent and I believe that the edge will take off if Samsung gets behind it and trust that their innovation does attract consumers more than others.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Not meant for the weak in pocket buyers or the people who never planned to buy or are just common haters or androidandme trolls.

      Day one purchase for me whenever it launches on Tmobile.

      • squiddy20

        says the Android and Me troll…

  • Steve

    The edge note 4 is the one I want. Too bad it’s only 5.6 inches and the battery is also smaller. They should have made the edge 6 inches with a bigger battery. It makes sense to have your notifications scroll along the bottom, while the phone is flat on the table. Right now I am u as ing the LG Flex and I love its 6 inch screen and curved display

    • Xer0

      I’ve got a note 3, I have an upgrade credit so I’ll get the note 4, I’ll give my Note 3 to my dad and sell his note 2. It’s an incremental update. I have no real problems with it, not a fan of moving the speaker and killing usb 3.0 ( just bought a damned dock)

  • Xer0

    Here is the thing with the note edge no one seems to understand.. It will only run a few app features that Samsung has developed, the very same samsung that created and thinks Touchwiz is a fantastic UI.

  • McLovin

    I would have gone for this, but without a ZeroLemon (heard they aren’t touching it) it’s a deal breaker for me. I went with the 4, ZeroLemon says they will have battery before end of Oct.

  • Robert

    I actually have been waiting for this to come out since it was announced. I think if the price is right, Samsung will have another hit. Many said/did the same negatives around the original note, and look how its changed the smartphone world. Don’t knock it till you try it!

  • Viequense

    I love the uniqueness of this device and i’m sold as soon as i can get one.

  • mbcls

    it’s gimmick only if you are a freaking LOSER. imagine streaming live stock quotes on edge, no matter what you doing with the phone, you always know when your money going up or down.

    • Chase

      Yeah seems like you have a lot of “money going up or down.” It almost seems like you don’t even know what a stock is. If that’s the only use you can come up with for the edge display, just admit it’s a gimmick. Oh wow I can always have stock prices scrolling down the side of my phone! That’s something the general population really craves. Samsung themselves basically admitted this phone was a gimmick when they announced it was a limited concept and that they even knew that most people wouldn’t adopt this. Not to mention the fragility it adds to the phone by having the display wrap around the bezel. Just imagine dropping your phone on it’s side like most phones tend to land. Now you have an extra 25% chance of cracking your entire screen.

  • Anh Duong

    I really want to upgrade my Note 3 to Note Edge. Wish I have much money to get it the first day of release! Maybe we must wait very long time till there are many adoption from 3rd party apps. But for me, changing apps quickly and always-on quick infos are enough now. Especially like the timer as I use it daily.