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Samsung Power Sharing cable will let your devices get by with a little help from their friends


It seems that everyone has a scheme for keeping your devices alive a little longer this fall. And given both our massive dependence on these devices as well as the addition of ever more gadgets to our daily carry list, this is an area that needs attention. We saw Motorola announce their Power Pack series that gives you a little extra boost on the go along with the ability to find your phone, and now Samsung is getting in on the act with their new “Power Sharing cable.”

As its name suggests, the Power Sharing cable allows you to bestow some of the power from your devices that are more likely to have some battery to spare – like the Note or a tablet – with more mAh-challenged devices like a smartwatch.

The cable is available to ship today from Amazon for $19.99.

Once you have the cable you just need to download the Power Sharing app from Google Play and it will allow you to choose how much power you want to share with the secondary device and will provide an estimate for the charging time.


If you are the sort of person that carries multiple devices with you at all times, particularly a tablet which typically has plenty of battery life to go around, then this seems like a solid concept. Whether carrying around this cable is preferable to toting an external battery like this one that won’t be siphoning the life from one of your other devices like an electrical vampire is up to you.

Source: Samsung

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  • SGB101

    I think this may be handy for the watch owners. Ad the notes battery is massive, and easy last a day, and with the watch battery only being small, it won’t take long top the watch up if needed.

    It’s aimed at a very focused group, but if your on that group you’ll love it. It just needs to be 75% cheaper.

  • aranea

    Good idea.

  • Brando56894

    Does it also get high with a little help from it’s friends?

    • Sean Riley

      Only in Colorado and Washington.