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Samsung’s Gear VR might be the coolest thing to come out of IFA

4 years ago 9

Samsung is no stranger to announcing a ton of accessories for every major device they release, but today’s special accessory announced for the Note 4 is an exception. Thanks to the Samsung Gear VR, you can turn your Galaxy Note 4 into an Oculus Rift that works just as well.

Developed with Oculus Rift, the Gear VR is a simple device that will be able to do amazing things. Think of the Gear VR as an empty Oculus Rift that is powered by your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It uses the display and processing power of the Note 4 to immerse you in a world of virtual reality content that will undoubtedly expand far beyond the demo games and concert Samsung is using to introduce the device.

The Gear VR opens up and the Galaxy Note 4 clips into the device. In the future the Gear VR will come with Bluetooth controller support, but for now you control the device with head movements and a small trackpad. According to early hands-on reports, the Gear VR works very well. Samsung boasts that content will run in 60 frames per second, and with the ultra-high density of the Note 4′s AMOLED panel, visual problems that plagued earlier generation Oculus Rift headsets should be fixed with the Gear VR.

Right now there’s no pricing or release information available on the Gear VR, but we imagine it will be available sometime before the end of the year in time for the holiday season. We don’t know about you, but the Gear VR has us almost sold on a Note 4 by itself. What do you think of Samsung’s entry in the virtual reality race?